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Message From Our

Founder And Chairman

Ziad K. Abdelnour

Our goal is to ensure that America and the world retain an economic and regulatory system conducive to economic growth and wealth creation that is not derailed by poorly formulated and reactive economic, fiscal, and tax policy.

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We are looking for the right people who share our desire to help increase quality of life by having the right information to make intelligent decisions. If you feel this is you, contact us and request an invitation to an event. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Sponsorship at FPC events is a great way to increase exposure and awareness with high level influencers and business leaders. Our events attract deal makers, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, and concerned citizens who want to gather the right high-level intel in order to make money.

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Global Terror & Human Rights

Acclaimed news anchor Lisa Daftari discusses the impact of global terrorism on
world markets, national security, and human rights.

Thought Leadership


May 13, 2024

Unveiling The Secret Weapon in Personal Branding Harnessing Vulnerability to Build Trust

INTRODUCTION As a personal branding strategist with nearly a decade of experience, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of vulnerability in building trust and fostering deeper connections with target audiences. In the realm of modern marketing, brands that fearlessly embrace vulnerability and authenticity are reaping the rewards of unshakable customer loyalty, brand advocacy and […]


May 9, 2024

Biden’s Administration Proposal To Eliminate The 1031 Tax Exchange: Potential Impacts On Real Estate Investors And The Economy

I. Introduction Within the dynamic realm of U.S. tax regulations, critical elements that significantly influence investment strategies are currently under close examination and are subject to potential reform. One such element, the 1031 tax exchange, stands at the forefront of this scrutiny. Established as a key feature in the Internal Revenue Code, the 1031 exchange […]


April 29, 2024

Terrorism vs. Renewable Energy – A Game Theory Analysis

Introduction Sun Tzu said “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Imagine if a country decided that the number one impediment to its ambitions for power is America. But a direct attack is not yet possible. The longer view is […]


Zana Nesheiwat

I see Financial Policy Council (FPC) as a Think & Do tank masterfully producing high-impact events, power summits, and research.

Engaging in the FPC mission is an opportunity to join a 300,000+ member-base to inform and institute policies that ensure Americans (you) are not only able but are continually empowered to make money.

It is powered by alpha wealth creators, game-changers and financiers. The organization’s makeup and guiding principles lends an authoritative voice on economic affairs.

As an action-orientated and education platform, FPC engagements bridge policy and business to bolster American prosperity and market health.

I am based in California and have had the opportunity to participate in two FPC events in NYC. On both occasions, attendees, panelists and sponsors alike were presented with abundant opportunities to network with leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision makers spanning industry.

Event 1: I attended the “Oil and Gold Near Term Outlook” event October 2017, where a distinguished panel shared insight based on their personal and professional experiences. This included educating the audience on crude oil derivatives, trading, the global impact of oil derivatives transactions and beyond.

Event 2: The second FPC event I attended was a “Blockchain and Digital Currency” power summit November 2017. The panel’s discussions provided a simplified, yet thoughtful and transparent means to understand the highly publicized asset class. It concluded with a QA in which 30+ attendees eagerly waited their turn on the mic for an opportunity to engage with the panelists directly.

Bottom line: Access, actionable-intelligence, and impact all in one place. I strongly recommend any wealth creator and American patriot to join this amazing platform and spread the message.

Zana Nesheiwat
Blackhawk Partners

Marc Malek

I attended the latest cryptocurrency event FPC hosted. I found the event very informative, timely and helpful. At a time where Bitcoin headlines where everywhere, it was good to be able to have a deep dive into the blockchain technology behind the headlines, the other cryptocurrencies that don’t get as much air time, and to be able to hear all of that from practitioners in the field, people with “skin in the game”, not academics. Great organization. Superb event.

Marc Malek
Managing Partner
Conquest Capital Group

Kevin Dunn

The Financial Policy Council is a necessary and powerful group of entrepreneurs who serve an extremely important role in helping small to mid-sized companies create wealth and opportunity for themselves and their families as well as influencing the next generation of business builders. It has been a distinct privilege of mine to partner with Ziad Abdelnour and the FPC. His leadership has been uniquely inspiring to me and I admire the way he has always presented topical and tough issues to deliberate and ultimately find solutions to in the FPC events.

Kevin Dunn
CEO, CEO Clubs

John Esposito

As a strong supporter of the Financial Policy Council and the noble values it stands for, I cannot but strongly endorse the organization’s board and all what its distinguished members are trying to achieve in today’s arcane world of regulatory finance. We need more people like those courageous “gladiators” both on Wall Street and in the corridors of power in our nation’s capital.

John Esposito

Tristone Capital Management Inc

Margaret Orem

The Financial Policy council is comprised of dedicated individuals who bring extraordinary speakers and thought-leaders to their events, and who explore and address the most-timely issues. With a focus on wealth-creation and fiscal matters, it serves as a beacon of encouragement to entrepreneurs and those who seek to support free enterprise.

Margaret Orem

Kirill Storch

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few Financial Policy Council events as well as have navigated the Financial Policy Council website. The website itself is incredibly insightful with useful ground breaking information keeping me up-to-date on local and global events. The FPC puts on outstanding events, down to the last detail, providing cutting edge real world analysis. I highly recommend attending one or more of these events in the future if you want to be a part of the pulse of America – globally and nationally.

Kirill Storch

Barry Monies

I started my core Technology company, Computronix 20 years ago and in all those years I would have to say that the Financial Policy Council (FPC) events are definitely some of the highest caliber business events I have ever attended.

The FPC is a public policy-oriented organization which seeks to educate and inform the public about economic and fiscal matters based on the principles of free enterprise and wealth creation as envisioned by the ideals of the American Founding Fathers. The FPC bring together influencers and experts around key topics where they breakdown the economic impact and provide attendees with key takeaways that they can use to create and preserve wealth. Past events included cryptocurrency/blockchain, real estate, artificial intelligence, healthcare, emerging markets, digital marketing and many others.

Most importantly, I ALWAYS meet and mingle with like-minded business people, several of which have become clients and business partners! I truly recommend that you attend a FPC event and get involved!

Barry Monies
President & CEO

Lisa Tepper

This was my first experience attending the Financial Policy Council event and certainly not my last. The panel was very informative and eager to share insight on the topic of investing in education. The Council’s Chairman Ziad Abdelnour did an excellent job as moderator. I felt like I was sitting in my living room having a conversation with such amazing talent. I look forward to the October 30th event.

Lisa Tepper

Andre Taylor

“After following Mr Abdelnour for over a year now I got the pleasure of meeting him in person at the seminar. The guest panelists were deeply informative with excellent overview of the subject matter and delivered the information in an engaging yet substantive way. Speakers kept my undivided attention the entire time — extremely impressive. This was probably the best seminar I have attended this year! Thank you! I will be sure to return for another.”

Andre Taylor

Architect, Insurance Consultant – Bahamas First Insurance, Nassau, Bahamas

Attendee of the Financial Policy Council ‘Blockchain and Digital Currency’ seminar.

Anthony Sages

I have been attending FPC meetings for more than four years. I find the members and guest speakers to be the finest in their respective fields. If someone is looking for a typical market/political commentary or speech, you will not find it at FPC. Instead, you’ll experience the political incorrectness of the truth about the challenges facing the global economy and the US economy. I find every meeting to be thought provoking, yet grounded in irrefutable fact. The forum is open to differing opinions and encourages attendees to think outside the conventional CNBC talk. I look forward to my continued attendance.

On a lighter note, FPC’s Chairman Ziad Abdelnour keeps the pace fast, interesting and no one gets a free pass without backing his/her opinion with tangible facts.

Anthony Sages

Sr. Executive Vice President, National Division

AXA Advisors, LLC

Mark Skousen

New York is the center of the world for things to do and people to see, and when it comes to meeting financial wizards and fellow investors, there’s nothing like the monthly meetings of the Financial Policy Council. There you learn, debate, and network with the best and the brightest, led by the inimitable Ziad Abdelnour.

Mark Skousen

Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

Author, The Maxims of Wall Street

(Authored over 20 other books on economics)

Joy Schoffler

What impresses me most about the Financial Policy Council and its members is the level of interest in new and innovative financial policy and the technologies, enabling change. While their meetings are attended by the old guard of Wall Street, these are not your typical investment bankers and Wall Street insiders. These are people that are looking forward seeing the opportunities of tomorrow, making sure their organizations stay ahead of the curve from both a policy and technology prospective.

Joy Schoffler

Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates Board Member (CfIRA)

Principal of Financial Technology PR Firm, Leverage PR

Astrid F. Kowlessar

The Financial Policy Council under the auspices of Ziad K. Abdelnour has true decision making clout to help develop a stronger regulatory framework for both private and public sector policy formation with an international dimension. This caliber of financial engineering is sorely needed in this time of market and of governance volatility. I have been closely privy to great insight from the Financial Policy Council, and boldly endorse the thought leadership, education and expertise that this institution provides.

Astrid F. Kowlessar
Director – Business & Project Strategy, Vezta Triumph Ltd.

G. Chris Andersen

Great organization with lots of insight. I continue to attend the Financial Policy Council events because my friend Ziad Abdelnour always finds outstanding speakers of interest who push the envelope in addition to the fact that his attendees are truly knowledgeable people worth engaging in conversational debates.

G. Chris Andersen
Founding Partner, G.C. Andersen Partners, LLC

Wayne Allyn Root

The Financial Policy Council is a truly unique organization which I’ve grown to respect over the years. Not only do they perform timely and accurate research on key policy issues and effectively market these findings to the nation’s powerbrokers and news media, but they are truly independent in their approach- they are not funded by any interest group.

Most importantly, being comprised of people with real world experience in the trenches of business and entrepreneurship, with deep knowledge of the financial services sector, makes a huge difference between being intellectual and academic, versus being IMPACTFUL. FPC is impactful.

I applaud my good friend Ziad Abdelnour for leading the efforts in creating a first class organization of smart, knowledgeable and high-profile financial leaders. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for FPC. I hope to be a small part of it.

Wayne Allyn Root

Former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee

International Business Speaker & Author of “The Power of RELENTLESS”

S Hojgaard-Sorensen

Ziad Abdelnour is one of those unfortunately, rare individuals who fits the profile put forward by Mr. J.P. Getty in his book ‘How to Be Rich’, – “It has always been my contention that an individual who can be relied upon to be himself and to be honest unto himself can be relied upon in every other way. He places value – not a price – on himself and his principles. And that, in the final analysis, is the measure of anyone’s sense of values – and the true worth of any man.” Ziad is an inspiration and a true visionary who appears to thrive on the responsibility that greatness brings. In a world short on true leaders he is a beacon. I hope our roads will cross again in the future allowing me the opportunity to gain from his knowledge and expertise and tag along this great organization in the making.

S Hojgaard-Sorensen

Senior Associate, Librarium Associates Ltd – Zurich, Switzerland

Stephen Day

Ziad Abdelnour is a rare combination of visionary and fearless leader who inspires us all. When we think of true Renaissance Men, we think of urbane, educated thought leaders with varied and diverse interests and knowledge….such is Ziad, who is never afraid to express well-considered opinions, to structure complicated capitalization projects, or to capture competitive deals. This is a man who loves America and has loyalty to his homeland, Lebanon. We agree on many issues, disagree on others, but I will always value Ziad’s wise counsel and sage advice. We have too few true leaders. We all would be less if Ziad was not in our lives. Ziad Abdelnour is truly a GIFT and the Financial Policy Council is a powerhouse in the making.

Stephen Day

CEO, Day Capital Partners, Inc

Asha Jackson

I met Mr. Abdelnour for the very first time on Nov 2nd for the FPC event, my experience was absolutely amazing I was able to network well plus and enjoy the wealth information given by the panelists on Blockchain digital currency. I will keep coming again. Brilliant people.

Asha Jackson

Shan Saeed

I am honoured to be connected with Ziad Abdelnour and his think tank the Financial Policy Council. I have learned so much from his vast knowledge, experience and global expertise. The work he is sharing at FPC is absolutely brilliant. As a matter of fact, I always check their work every day and before speaking at any networking event in Asia Pacific. I am making my new corporate profile video and credentials update according to Ziad’s structure. What an enlightenment. I absolutely admire and respect the gentleman for his integrity and impeccable character.

Shan Saeed
Chief Economist / Investment Strategist – IQI Group Sbn Bhd Malaysia

Renato Tichauer

Outstanding organization with insight second to none. I have to thank its Chairman Ziad Abdelnour, an absolutely amazing maverick who uses his powerful and assertive arguments to transmit his wide knowledge in American and world financial and political subjects to his audience at the Financial Policy Council. Outstanding speakers as well with totally “out of the box” perspectives about the economy, politics and risks that may affect everybody’s lives.

Renato Tichauer

CEO, Tremond Metals Corp.

Joule Guttierez

In an alternate universe where you have infinite time, staff, and resources, you’d love to physically shake hands with the top executives and champion at every customer, the typical corporation often reserves such high-touch events (their nomenclature for meetings) with only their top higher-touch clientele.

Over the years I personally witnessed this kind of alternate universe from Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners in outstanding business responsiveness and in particular at the Financial Policy Council meetings where face to face is the standard and not the exception. You’ll experience a ready greeting with genuine interest welcoming you to the Blackhawk Partners family and will be well informed and kept in the loop of future events. An impressive feat given the magnitude of contacts and connections. I’ve enjoyed meeting a diverse group of professionals at the Financial Policy council meetings. Ziad truly is the champion for all levels of business, I highly recommend attendance to the Council.

J. JouleGutierrez
Hedge Fun, LLC.

Nicole N. Abdallah

The Financial Policy Council is a genuine gift to the business and political worlds, both domestically and globally. Mr. Abdelnour is a strong, clear and well spoken leader; with a precise skill at successful execution in each endeavor he chooses. Anyone who knows him is blessed on numerous levels to experience who and how he is. Always the best of best wishes to you Ziad and continued success for the Financial Policy Council.

Nicole N. Abdallah

President and CEO, JND Healthcare Management, Inc.

Bradie Speller

The wealth of intelligence shared by experts in their field is just impeccable. Mr. Abdelnour assembles the best, the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs on topics of critical importance. I learned so much in a short time. Highly recommend this forum if you want to win!

Bradie Speller
Managing Partner
Change Up Consulting, LLC

Lulu Wang

The Financial Policy Council is an excellent forum to hear about most relevant topics on the economy, business, and policies. It attracts great people and they come here to exchange ideas freely. Ziad Abdelnour is an outstanding networker and amazingly adept at lining up industry experts who have deep knowledge and speak their minds. He is a model of such a speaker himself.

Lulu Wang
Senior Manager – American Express

Martin Pazzani

The Financial Policy Council that Ziad Abdelnour has assembled is a much-needed think tank of free enterprise capitalism and a forum for solving many of the economic, cultural and political problems we face. Ziad’s leadership is both visionary and inspirational, and the council meetings feature a wide-range of the world’s leading experts sharing their insights to an active, involved, and hyper-productive audience. It adds tremendous value to my efforts to stay informed, productive, and focused on the future.

Martin Pazzani
Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO Act!vate Brain & Body Inc.

Stanford B. Silverman

The Financial Policy Council (FPC) is the proto-financial birthing place of entrepreneurial Stars.

Under the tutelage of Ziad Abdelnour, a new messianic capitalistic liturgy is orated to aspiring tycoons’ who are exposed to the moguls of industry and have the occasion to engage them one on one to explore opportunities that will lead them to economic independence.

Abdelnour’s FPC is the proverbial Drexel Burnham Predators’ Ball, the room is packed with the future Stephen Wynn’s’, Ronald Perelman’s’ and Carl Icahn’s. Leading the charge, Abdelnour, the genius protégé of Michael Milken steals the show with his tireless rhetoric and penetrating analysis on wealth accumulation and how you can get there.

The FPC is a show stopper, don’t miss it if you are a serious student of making money.

Stanford B. Silverman
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Minerva Capital Management

Leslie Wright

Without a doubt, a rare & consummate gentleman. Ziad Abdelnour stands out among the great modern day financiers. He possesses an extreme grasp on the intersection of financial policy, government politics & the global economy. His desire to share his knowledge and be a substantial global influencer is impressive. His energy and passion is inspiring. I would welcome the opportunity to network, partner or mentor with Ziad Abdelnour and the Financial Policy Council anytime.

Leslie Wright

Vice President, Real Estate Development at The Privada Group

Charlotte Lei

The Financial Policy Council is one of the most influential nonprofit organizations I’ve ever seen. I am constantly surprised by the great speeches given each quarter on this platform. The well-known guest speakers include economists, entrepreneurs, and important former government officials. They focus on the important political and financial concerns both American and global societies face today. They address these issues pragmatically and present realistic solutions. They avoid the tendency of many self-important speakers to offer theoretical ideas that might lack persuasiveness.

Ziad K. Abdelnour, Founder and Chairman of the Financial Policy Council, has a charismatic personality. He possesses the vision and the backbone to strengthen the organization and brings to it a depth of experience in private equity, investment banking, and political activism. He has a unique ability to present innovative ideas that lead to successful actions. The Financial Policy Council is an increasingly influential group that contributes substantially to the national dialogue on the critical issues that face the country and the world.

Charlotte Lei

Family Office Administrator of PCM Management LLC II

Our Events


Thursday May 23, 2024

Capitalizing on the new world of digital assets: DeFi, Tokenization & NFTs – Buying, selling and due diligence of Digital Assets

      You are cordially invited on behalf of the Financial Policy Council’s Board of Directors, to our next Financial Policy Council power summit featuring a panel discussion about Capitalizing on the New World of Digital Assets. You don’t want to miss this thanks to our Event Sponsors ; Computronix, OnlyX and Online Biz […]


Wednesday April 17, 2024

Business Banking Battles – Big Value in the Face of Bank Industry Turmoil

You are cordially invited on behalf of the Financial Policy Council’s Board of Directors, to our next Financial Policy Council power summit featuring a panel discussion about Business Banking Battles. You don’t want to miss this thanks to our Event Sponsors ; MBanq and Cheqly TOPIC : Business Banking Battles – Big Value in the […]


Thursday February 29, 2024

Unlocking Real Estate Insights: A Panel Discussion by Four Seasoned Experts

You are cordially invited on behalf of the Financial Policy Council’s Board of Directors, to our next Financial Policy Council power summit featuring a panel discussion about Real Estate. You don’t want to miss this thanks to our Event Sponsors ; The Savvides Group and Star Quality Finance, LLC. TOPIC: Unlocking Real Estate Insights: A […]

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