Project Liberty Team

Karina Benzineb


Karina Benzineb is the founder of The Benz Real Estate Investment Group. The company has garnered acclaim from its peers in the real estate industry, solidifying its position as one of the top-ranking firms in South Florida. This recognition underscores the company’s outstanding performance, dedication to excellence, and leading investment role in the local real estate market

Karina has developed a profound expertise in serving high net worth clients in the realm of real estate. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she specializes in providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs and expectations of this distinguished clientele.

Working with high net worth clients requires a specialized skill set and a deep understanding of their discerning tastes, sophisticated preferences, and intricate financial considerations. Over the years, she has honed her abilities to identify and curate a portfolio of exclusive properties that align with their investment objectives, lifestyle preferences, and future aspirations.

Sensitivity to privacy, confidentiality, and discretion is of paramount importance when working with high net worth individuals, and I take pride in establishing and nurturing trusted relationships built on trust, transparency, and utmost professionalism. I understand the significance of maintaining confidentiality throughout every step of the process, from initial discussions to closing transactions.

Karina’s experience in this niche market has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of high-value real estate transactions. She is well-versed in negotiating complex deals, navigating legal frameworks, and collaborating with esteemed professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, and property developers to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

Ashleigh Blatt

Resident Expert - Project Development & Finance, Web 3.0, & Blockchain Technology

Ashleigh Blatt is a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record of success in managing large-scale, high-value, and high-profile projects across multiple industries, including government agencies, the entertainment industry, consumer products, and infrastructure-focused projects. Her extensive experience has made her a go-to resource for top-level executives and ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs seeking to navigate complex projects and emerging markets.

Ashleigh’s expertise in geo-political, infrastructure-focused projects is unparalleled, and she is at the forefront of the latest tech revolutions, including Web 3.0 and Blockchain technologies. Her insights and analysis are highly sought after by her trusted clientele, and she is widely recognized for her ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and translate them into actionable advice.

With her impeccable analytical, project management, and organizational skills, Ashleigh has successfully managed projects with a range of values spanning from $10M to ~$1B. She has a proven track record of delivering results on time and within budget. Additionally, she has a wealth of experience in evaluating investment opportunities, sourcing deals, performing gap analysis, and managing investor relationships, making her a valuable asset for any project or initiative.

In addition to her impressive professional achievements, Ashleigh holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from American University and has been a Project Management Professional Certification holder. She is a Spring 2023 candidate currently pursuing a Master of Jurisprudence in International Tax from Texas A&M University, further demonstrating her commitment to ongoing education and professional development.

Lastly, Ashleigh’s dedication to social responsibility is evident in her passion for advocating for the entrepreneurial community and making a significant contribution to the food allergy crisis in the United States. She possesses both an unwavering commitment to success and a deep sense of purpose and social impact, making her the ideal partner for those seeking meaningful and transformative solutions.

Steven Cinelli

Resident Expert - Technology and Merchant Banking

A second-generation banker, financing and advising emerging enterprises through global stalwarts, Steve led teams in Technology and Merchant Banking within BankAmerica. He later served as a Principal for a boutique private equity fund, Knightsbridge Partners, which catered to CPG and specialty retail companies. In the late 1990’s, Steve became fascinated with technology applied to financial services, in particular capital formation.  As such, he founded, designed and launched the first of the online marketplace-finance platforms, OffRoad Capital, which laid the pathway for crowdfunding, P2P lending, SME platform finance and the overall internet-enabled capital formation industry. While overseeing product design, he served as head of investment banking and international development, setting up ventures in Europe and Asia. As part of the design (UX/UI), he worked closely with the SEC on best practices for compliance, disclosure and investor engagement for the online distribution of unregistered securities.

He continued his interest in financial technology, serving as a founding board member for the two crowdfunding industry associations, and currently serves as mentor and advisor in fintech and entrepreneurship for leading accelerators and incubators, including FinTech4Good, Plug & Play, Santa Clara University’s Miller Center of Social Entrepreneurship and more recently, the Ministry of Culture, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has advised emerging and growth companies in most aspects of fintech, such as payments, billing and remittances, capital formation, online lending and housing finance, reg-tech and compliance-tech, distributed ledger technology and virtual currencies. In particular, he is called upon to develop and define business models and their corresponding revenue models. Currently, he is engaged in a global initiative in the use of sustainable materials, including industrial hemp, within core industries.

Steve is a published author, pundit and futurist on topics of financial technology, capital markets, socioeconomics, social entrepreneurship, politics, religion, housing finance and democracy. His thoughts and forecasts have been conveyed  in Housing Wire, Forbes, Huffington Post, INC Magazine, CNBC,  Motley Fool,, The Street, REI, and he has lectured at Oxford University, Santa Clara University, Georgetown University and the National Press Club. Steve co-authored the academic work, Crowdfunding and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation. On the lighter side, he authored and published a children’s book, SLAMINA (“animals” spelled backwards), a homage to one his favorite authors, Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

Academically, he earned his Bachelor in the Science of Commerce from Santa Clara University, a Master of Business Administration in International Business from Golden Gate University (San Francisco) and Doctoral studies  at Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) in socio-economic theory. Further, he serves as a Professorship of Practice at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) in the discipline of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, augmented reality, synthetic biology, blockchain and virtual currencies.

David Clark

Resident Expert - Private Aviation

For over 30 years, David Clark has delivered value in the private aviation industry through several key roles – working with international corporations and family offices. During that time, David has overseen in excess of $150 million in private aircraft transactions. His highly relational approach and deep commitment to understanding the client’s deepest concerns ensure that the interests of his clients are always protected.

David is currently the Owner of Integris Aviation Consultancy (, a boutique aircraft brokerage and consulting firm founded in 2009 specializing in light, midsize and heavy private jets.  His clients are some of the largest corporations and family offices in the Americas who count on his expertise to help solve complex operational and strategic challenges.

David has a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology from world-renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Master of Arts from Reformed Theological Seminary.  He is an NBAA Certified Aviation Manager, FAA Airline Transport Pilot, and has moderated several panel discussions for Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) conferences in London and Miami. In 2019, CJI recognized David as one of the Top 30 Dealmakers in the Americas. Fluent in Portuguese and English, he divides his time between North and South America working with family offices and private flight departments to bring the best solutions for those who rely most on private aviation.

Lydia Davies

Resident Expert - Entrepreneurship, Technology

Lydia is a world traveler and entrepreneur. She began her career in the music industry at 16 as a singer/songwriter creating her own label as a platform.

After living in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, she learned a lot about cultures, freedom, and different ways of living. This knowledge allowed her to grow as an artist and entrepreneur.

After completing her MA she started her own performing arts academy in Texas whilst training to be a realtor for multiple sources of income.

In 2020 she developed and created the App “TeeMates Golf” that connects golfers worldwide. This platform is now becoming the start of an all-around sports social media and meetup platform.

Lydia has worked closely with multiple charities for many years and enjoys philanthropic work. She loves spending time with her kids, sports, and being in nature. A true believer in freedom and representing the people Lydia is a community leader in her own right.

Raoul Davis

Resident Expert - Branding

Raoul Davis is CEO of Ascendant Group Branding (, an award-winning CEO branding firm.

Ascendant Group Branding is ranked #3 world-wide out of 11,400 branding agencies on Ad World Masters top agencies list and #1 ranked minority owned PR firm by Clutch and Manifest.

The agency offers one of the most integrated models in the world including brand strategy, PR, literary representation, design, social media, video, photography, and strategic relationships.   In his tenure, both he and Ascendant have been recognized multiple times for their work including by the Philadelphia Titans 100 Executives, receiving invitations to small business forums at the U.S. Senate, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and The White House, and winning multiple awards for PR, design, and company culture.

Ascendant clients are Fortune 500 executives, INC 5000 CEOs, high performing and high potential entrepreneur brands, and best-selling self-help authors looking to amplify their reach and develop brands that emotionally connect with their audiences. Ascendant has multiple divisions including Ascendant Entertainment, which is led by the #13 ranked Self-Help literary agent in the world, Ascendant Global, the international division with team members spanning five continents, and Reformat Agency; the ad agency side of the business expanding Ascendant’s offering to provide support for corporate brands.

Davis is a Forbes contributor and author of the book Firestarters: How Innovators, Initiators and Instigators Can Inspire You to Ignite Your Own Life. 

He speaks regularly for Joseph Business School and has given talks for leading organizations such as UPENN, Young Entrepreneur Council, as well as various universities and Chambers of Commerce across the country.

His life philosophy, “paving the way for others” is inspired by the example of John The Baptist. He currently serves as the Chair for the Board of Directors for Life in Christ Cathedral of Faith.

Josh Gattuso


Josh Gattuso is the Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Star Quality Finance, a Commercial Mortgage Brokerage Firm comprised of a network of Brokers across the country.

The firm was founded in 2009 with the purpose of guiding, informing, and empowering Commercial Real Estate clients with the best available financing options and establishing/expanding their real estate portfolios.

To date Star Quality Finance has provided over 1.5 billion in loans for clients across the US and abroad.

Josh was born and raised in Rochester, NY and began working for a close family friend in the construction industry at 13 and continued to work in construction until completion of his BS of Finance from SUNY New Paltz in 2001. Upon graduation Josh began his career in the Mortgage industry working for Ameriquest providing residential mortgages for clients. Josh then went on to manage a branch of residential/commercial brokers for CPA Mortgage in Atlanta until the collapse of the real estate market in 2008.

Josh realized in 2008 after the collapse that there was a tremendous lack of knowledge/information available to Commercial Real Estate clients and began the formation of Star Quality Finance. Throughout 2008 Josh traveled the country meeting with contacts in the industry to find out what were the issues they were having with clients that made financing unobtainable. After a year of traveling Star Quality was created to address these issues and provide a more streamlined and informative loan process.

In his spare time Josh spends a good deal of his time with his wife Charlene and family as they are a major reason for the success he has obtained. When he is not with them you will find him on the golf course or out on the water enjoying some bass fishing.

Dan Heon

Resident Expert - Real Estate Finance

Dan Heon has been a licensed mortgage broker since 2002, a real estate investor since the mid-1990s, and is well known in the Canadian real estate investment community.

 He became a mortgage broker when conventional lenders challenged efforts to grow his portfolio. Finding options and solutions is paramount in all his endeavors.

 Over the last three decades, Dan has personally acquired over 83 properties and has executed all real estate investment tactics such as buy and hold, fix and flip, buy – renovate – rent – refinance – repeat (BRRR), land developments, multi-family affordable home projects and many others. 

 Dan and the Canadian Mortgage Team have financed over 6540 real estate investment transactions for investors nationwide. They have been recognized as part of Canada’s Top 50 Mortgage Brokers. Dan is a published author and public speaker who has helped mentor thousands.

Yvonne Hu

Resident Expert - Project Development, Renewable Energy, Real Estate

Yvonne Hu is the Founder and President of Anchor Commercial Development and Anchor International Investment Group since 2007, which focuses on project development related to renewable energy and affordable housing etc..

Yvonne specializes in commercial real estate development, and her expertise extends to international project development, financial structure, and cross-cultural marketing and branding.

Driven by the mission of environmental sustainability, her projects include carbon-free, sustainable housing and energy infrastructure.

Yvonne went on to launch multiple real estate companies as co-founder/CEO of the corporation in the great Philadelphia area since 2001, dealing in commercial and residential sales, as well as property and asset management. Later she transferred the multiple real estate offices into Century-21 management system in 2006.

Yvonne Hu studied in the major of Electrical Engineering at Drexel University. She serves as board member on the visitors board of CSLA in NJIT (New Jersey Institution Technology). As a woman minority entrepreneur, she was always inspired by the song “When You Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston: “There can be miracles, when you believe. Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill”.

Martin Christopher Johns MD


Martin is an industry disruptor, entrepreneur, and physician. His goal is to deliver truly green, eco-friendly disinfectant/cleaning systems that will transform the world, eliminating the application of harmful surface chemicals such as quaternary ammonia and bleach products. This will dramatically decrease associated respiratory illnesses, skin conditions, and cancers.

Dr Johns received his MD from the American University of the Caribbean. Living in the Caribbean for two years was an eye-opening experience for him regarding poverty and sanitation conditions. He carried this knowledge through residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at Geisinger in Danville, PA. He has served as a Chief Medical Officer, Regional Medical Director, Expert witness, Emergency Room Doctor and Hospitalist. He has worked in critical access, medium, and large medical centers across the country. He has been recognized as an innovator in rural mental health, EMS, and crisis management.

In 2019 EraDOCate LLC was founded to bring a unique, agriculturally proven organic based product to market. He has expanded and created EcoKnightGroup LLC in 2023, partnered with US Veteran Matthew Machata (Industry leader in Citrus Growth and Green Agricultural Science), to meet international demand for effective and powerful green chemistry which is food and water safe.

Martin is published in the American Journal of Cardiology, and in the Journal of Brain and Critical Care. His approaches to sanitation have large scale potential to dramatically reduce or eliminate Healthcare Associated Conditions related to surface spread of microbes.

Martin is working with the Ecuadorian and Columbian government on clean, potable water efforts as well as hard surface sanitation in the infectious disease hospitals in South America. He has also begun interactions with the government of Switzerland to combat their challenges with Health Care Associated Infections. He is an avid comic book collector, world traveler, and father of two.

Johnny Kreidi

Resident Expert – Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Wealth Management

Johnny, an aspiring leader in the world of business and investments based in San Francisco, California, earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Upon graduating from college, he started his career in the insurance and wealth management business.

While in college, Johnny had the opportunity to build an extensive research experience by conducing his research under the supervision of a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics. His entrepreneurial interest started when he got selected to participate in “Hacking for Defense”, a course sponsored by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and taught at the Chicago Booth School of Business to apply the innovation toolkit to address emerging threats and security challenges facing the United States military.

Johnny plans to get his MBA from a world-class business school in the next few years, and to found his own investment firm in the long-term. In the meantime, he finds a great value in expanding his network and in learning more about different markets and industries.

During his spare time, Johnny loves to empower the younger generation to adopt a new constructive mindset, and to learn about every aspect of wealth creation. He also enjoys spending quality time with like-minded friends and loved ones, and developing his chess, coffee making, and winemaking skills.

Gregory Laurence

Resident Expert - Specialized Health Care

Gregory Laurence MD currently operates a surgical and regenerative medical practice in Memphis, TN.

His expertise relates to the clinical applications of biotechnology and has real-world applications for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Innovative leaders will see beyond ethical stem cell-related personal health enhancement. New healthcare approaches provide possibilities for companies to retain and optimize key team members.

Gregory Laurence MD obtained his undergraduate and doctorate degrees from Baylor University and the University of Texas at Houston Medical School. He completed his residency and fellowship at the University of Tennessee. He operates a novel regenerative surgical clinic.

Gregory was the keynote speaker for the American Academy of Neurologic and Orthopedic Surgeons related to the future of brain and spine medicine. He has presented more than twenty unique lectures for six different medical specialties on topics including surgery, facial aesthetics, Continuous Quality Improvement, peer review, anesthesia, leadership, and stem cells.

John McSherry


John McSherry is a distinguished real estate investor and developer with over a decade of experience in transforming market opportunities into substantial gains for his clients and himself. As a former President of the Young Professionals Network of the Long Island Board of Realtors and a recognized Top 20 Under 40 awardee in 2018, John has consistently demonstrated his leadership and expertise in the real estate sector.

John’s deep understanding of the real estate market, coupled with his exceptional investment acumen, allows him to navigate and secure multimillion-dollar deals effectively. He manages a robust client book, guiding investments in both residential and commercial properties to maximize returns. His goal is to expand his considerable portfolio into the venture capitalist realm through McSherry Companies.

Before his rise in real estate, John honed his skills in marketing and design, which now enhance his ability to present properties compellingly, ensuring swift transactions at premium values. His innovative use of social media marketing and daily video documentation dramatically extends the reach of his listings, attracting tens of thousands of viewers daily and enhancing client satisfaction.

John’s contributions extend beyond personal success; he is committed to community service, often hosting fundraisers at his development projects to support organizations such as the Cerebral Palsy Association. His philanthropic efforts are a testament to his dedication to making a positive impact.

Educated in Philadelphia and a native New Yorker, John is actively investing in new construction and redeveloping properties across New York, keeping his pulse on the market’s dynamics. He is not only a top-performing agent in his office but also ranks in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide.

Looking to the future, John is driven to take his expertise global, aspiring to educate and empower millions through speaking engagements and potentially a real estate-focused television show, further solidifying his role as a trailblazer in the industry.

John McSherry’s journey in real estate is not just about building wealth; it’s about enriching lives, fostering relationships, and giving back to the community. His mantra, “take imperfect action every day,” underpins his approach to continuous growth and success, ensuring that for John, real estate is not just a career—it’s a passion.

Sean McGee

Resident Expert – Energy, Web3, Geopolitics

Sean Patrick McGee, Co-founder and CCO of G3 Strat Group, is a dynamic entrepreneur and business development executive that enjoys shattering conventional boundaries by creating and developing leading-edge solutions across Energy, Web3, and Geopolitics.

As a young oil and gas finance executive for Frontera Resources Corporation, Sean saw opportunity within the Black Sea/Caspian Sea region’s derelict soviet oil fields and helped identify and exploit 1.2 BN BBLS of proven oil reserves within the former soviet republics of Georgia and Azerbaijan. In Houston, London, and Tbilisi he received his first crucial lessons and life changing exposure to the complex regional and geopolitical landscape that oil and natural gas dominates.

Later seeing untapped opportunity in the emerging blockchain market, Sean seized the challenge and became the founding architect of the first to market physical Web3 luxury fashion brand CULT&RAIN, garnering international acclaim from Vogue Business, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, GQ Italia, and more. He onboarded and harnessed seasoned fashion executives from LVMH Group, Theory, Diesel, and others to successfully sell and produce $3MM of highly allocated Italian luxury sneakers and apparel within the 1st quarter of operation.

A steadfast patriot and Texan, Sean is now redoubling his efforts within the critically important geopolitical realm with the launch of his latest venture G3 Strat Group; building out retail and institutional services for like-minded individuals, activist investors, and small family offices using first to market risk analysis frameworks and research backed by a renowned team of academic, finance, energy, military, and intelligence professionals.

In his free time, Sean is an avid hunter, adventurer, and motorcycle enthusiast; having successfully completed a 12,000-mile motorcycle trek to the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska as well as racing the Circuit of the Americas in Austin and all of California’s major raceways including Laguna Seca. Sean is also a classically and professionally trained SAG-AFTRA actor and WGA author and will be bringing this passion and talent to bear in his upcoming geopolitical podcast and patriot fireside chat series.

Tomas Milar

Resident Expert - Banking, FinTech

Tomas Milar is a seasoned entrepreneur, having personally founded several startups and helped founders to incorporate thousands of companies over the years. One of his prime acquisitions is IncParadise, one of the largest RA (Registered Agents) in Nevada. Tomas has also built and sold two telecom companies operating in the APAC region.

Tomas’ extensive knowledge of the nature of startups and the corporate structure and equity management has led him to found Eqvista to help others manage their company equity efficiently. He also managed to bootstrap Eqvista from $0 to $22.1B AUA (Assets under Administration) in just 24 months. Tomas is also a founder of Cheqly – Noebank operating in the US and Hong Kong. His group of companies serves 20,000+ corporate clients.

Tomas current companies among many are:

Cheqly; a Neobank for startups; that can onboard any US-based company within 24 hours, all online. It also helps with any company documents missing since it has been in the incorporation business since 2002. For the record, the Cheqly team has extensive knowledge of all 50 states’ incorporation (C corp, S corp, LLC) formalities. The company also assists with 409a Valuation and CapTable as it has internally developed its own CapTable. Cheqly’s next goal is to make money easily accessible to all needy entrepreneurs.

Eqvista (as of 2022) is one of the FASTEST growing stock management platforms on the market today:

– Platform is adding 400 New Companies every month
– $25.6 BILLION in AUA (Assets under Administration)
– Trusted by over 9,000 companies

Paul Mourino

Resident Expert – Security/Hospitality

Paul Mourino is a hotelier, business professional, & scholar by training, with 13 years of hospitality/security, and commercial property management experience.

Paul has worked in several Luxury Hotels and Class-A commercial properties in Manhattan, NYC. These hotels include the Peninsula Hotel, Park-lane Hotel, The Refinery, Hard Rock Hotel, and Marriott’s Edition Hotels at New York & Times Square.  These commercial properties include some of Manhattan’s iconic properties like the Lipstick Building, the Sales Force Building at Bryant Park, the Bertelsmann Building, and many others.

At these locations Paul trained and managed security and hospitality teams overseeing the facility’s operations and compliance requirements. Paul conducted all compliance trainings to ensure the teams’ hospitality presentation and emergency responses were par excellence. Thus, these teams demonstrated superior results when responding to emergencies, in a variety of challenging environments, and in New York City, there are no shortages of emergencies.

On the commercial side, Paul oversaw a portfolio of about 500 officers, among 50 different commercial properties.  His skills in needs assessments, strategic planning, establishing priorities, and delegating tasks enabled those teams to perform above expectations maintaining good order.  Paul’s unique blend of honesty, integrity, leadership, and managerial savvy are all encompassed with the drive and commitment to get the job done.

Outside of work, Paul maintains an active gym schedule participating indoor bouldering at Chelsea Piers, pickup soccer games on the weekends, and frequents New York’s many museums and art performing centers.  Lastly, he is active civically, participating in a wide array of forums in NYC, which cover both the Domestic United States and Global Affairs.

To quote the poet, ‘we live in a time that try men’s souls.  The summer solider and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of every man and woman.’  May we, on this council, be of equally noble service to our country, in our time, like Thomas Paine was in his time”.

Antony Ponnaiya

Resident Expert - Entrepreneurship, Branding, Marketing

Antony Ponnaiya is a dynamo in the realms of Sales, Acquisitions, and Marketing. He boasts an illustrious career within the Fortune 500 sector. Recognized for his aptitude in strategic planning, value optimization, and organizational transformation, Antony employs an analytical methodology combined with innovative marketing paradigms to facilitate multimillion-dollar transactions. He catalyzes revenue growth and directs successful mergers and acquisitions that have set new industry benchmarks.

As a former senior business executive at AT&T, Antony has honed a unique leadership style that melds motivational coaching with rigorous analytical approaches. His portfolio includes collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious brands in diverse sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, and consumer goods—most notably Tesla, Bloomingdales, Bang & Olufsen, Stop & Shop, and Caymus Vineyards.

Beyond his primary responsibilities as National Director of Sales & Acquisitions, Antony epitomizes entrepreneurial excellence. He deftly manages and cultivates a diverse portfolio of business ventures and interests.

As a connoisseur of both coffee and wine, Antony has masterfully crafted distinguished brands in each arena. His coffee venture, Fresh Coast Coffee, embodies Italian tradition by sourcing premium beans from 14 distinct global regions. Concurrently, from the esteemed vineyards of Napa Valley, his Philosophia Cellars brand combines his reverence for philosophy with expert viticulture, introducing three white wines inspired by ancient philosophers. Antony’s meticulous selection of grapes ensures each bottle achieves unparalleled sophistication.

Committed to elevating mental health awareness, Antony founded his apparel line, Deprssed. This distinguished venture serves as both a sartorial statement and a vehicle for social impact, aiming to catalyze substantive conversations about the importance of mental well-being. A portion of the profits is judiciously allocated to reputable mental health charities.

Demonstrating keen acumen for market dynamics, Antony conducts rigorous analyses of evolving business landscapes while diversifying his entrepreneurial portfolio. Currently, one of his flagship products has attracted eight-figure acquisition offers, highlighting its substantial market value. Furthermore, Antony is in the advanced stages of planning a high-impact market entry for one of his forthcoming brands.

In his leisure time, Antony participates in a professional tennis league, reinforcing his affinity for athleticism and strategy. A discerning collector of fine timepieces, he also has a keen eye for modern real estate and architectural design. Further diversifying his portfolio, he serves as an esteemed global Airbnb host, offering premium guest experiences across international locales.

Dawood Rajput

Resident Expert - Entrepreneurship

Dawood Rajput, an entrepreneurial luminary and visionary director, stands as the distinguished co-founder of ‘Eleventen,’ an avant-garde boutique record label and digital marketing agency boasting unparalleled affiliations with industry behemoths such as RCA and Universal Music Group. 

 Simultaneously, he assumes the mantle of co-owner at ‘Day and Night Co.,’ a preeminent Saudi-based firm celebrated for its eminence in contracting and heavy equipment rentals, marked by strategic alliances with esteemed entities like the National Gas and Industrialization Company (Gasco), Armco, and Schneider Electric.

 In addition to his triumphant forays in business, Dawood’s erudition extends to the aerospace and defense sectors, underscored by his academic prowess with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology.

 Ever the avant-courier of innovation, Dawood’s current endeavors transcend conventional boundaries. Steering the nexus of artistry and technology, he spearheads a nascent luxury apparel brand and pioneers cutting-edge cinematography equipment, accentuating advanced lighting innovations in the pursuit of elevating the intersection between creativity and technological sophistication.

Will Reese

Resident Expert - Oil & Gas

Will Reese is a petroleum engineer with 13 years industry experience after graduating from Texas Tech University.  Assignments include onshore and offshore operations production engineer and design production engineer on the re-design of a $4 billion greenfield project.  Currently he is a production engineer supporting the 120,000 bbl/day Appomattox platform.  Responsibilities include maximizing production while minimize risk to well and surface facility risk, selection of artificial lift installation, coordination of well startups, workovers & well enhancement.

Will has a passion for investing starting out with stocks & index funds later leading to private equity and fintech.  Experience in private equity include 6 multifamily apartment complex renovations and oil and gas startup company in an undrilled and unexplored area in Wyoming.  Oil and gas has always been a passion for Will both on the job and investor with it being the live blood of modern economies and a constant challenge to meet global demand. In addition to personal investing, Will is passionate about preserving a free capitalist market that is a foundation for freedom and has lifted millions of people out of poverty.

Outside of work, Will is a former college football player, still passionate about sports, weightlifting and personal fitness.  During his spare time, he loves relaxing yet exciting outdoor activities such as deep-sea fishing, ziplining and skiing.

Pietro Savvides

Resident Expert - Real Estate, Alternative Investments

In the world of finance and investment, while many follow conventional paths to success, there are exceptional individuals like Pietro Savvides who’s carved a unique path to financial success. His story is one of diversification, resilience, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with a background in electronics and serving in the Canadian Army Reserves, Pietro’s journey evolved into a vision of endless possibilities.

Pietro made a lasting impact in the construction industry as a general contractor, gaining valuable experience. He then ventured into real estate, building a substantial commercial portfolio with consistent cash flow and growth. This laid the foundation for his global investments in various industries, including real estate, equity, and alternative investments.

Today, Pietro is a successful businessman with a focus on deals and investments. He partners with local entrepreneurs, offering financial support to elevate their ventures. He also seeks joint venture opportunities with operators in their local markets for buy-fix-and-flip projects in Canada and the USA. But Pietro’s success isn’t just about wealth; it’s about investing in people and aligning with ethical entrepreneurs who share his vision.

Pietro believes in sharing knowledge and success openly, collaborating with high-net-worth individuals who share his values. Trustworthy partnerships are the key to fruitful deals in his book.

As a self-made millionaire, Pietro now uses his wealth and wisdom to guide promising entrepreneurs on their journey to success. His commitment to investing in people and serving as a reliable partner has made him a luminary in real estate and investment. If you’re looking for a steadfast ally to stand by your side in your financial journey, Pietro is the dependable partner you’ve been searching for.

Jeannette Skinner

Resident Expert - Government Policy, Health Care Finance

Jeannette Skinner, RN, MBA, FACHE is an accomplished healthcare leader who has held the highest executive roles in hospitals and health systems nationwide. Her titles have included Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operations, Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.    During the last 27 years in the C-suite, Jeannette has led some of the most recognized names in in the Hospitals and Health Systems from Sutter Health, HCA, Vanguard/ Baptist Health, Methodist Healthcare, to Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Palomar Health, and Chen Med.  She has built hospitals from the ground up, successfully taken on tough financial turn-a-rounds, led mergers and acquisitions of multi-state practices, clinical integrations with academic health systems, started new clinical service lines including Neurosurgery, Cardiac and Cancer Centers of Excellence.    

Jeannette’s broad area of expertise, including in government policy, healthcare finance, new hospital construction, health system redesign, technology, capitalization, and start-up have led Jeannette to further serve the industry as a Senior Advisor, Board Member, and expert CEO consultant to various organizations.  Additionally, she is an expert advisor healthcare technology and AI space and currently serves as Strategic Advisor to Ultrasound AI and CEO to startup, Meddamark, Inc. based in the USA.

Jeannette is also a former 2022 Republican Candidate US Congress in for Florida’s 11th District. She has an unwavering passion to improve the health and mental of all Americans, including Seniors, Veterans, Women and Children as well as improve the current state of healthcare practice. She is the Founder of The National Institute of Healthcare Governance, a new 2023 non-profit focused on transforming healthcare through policy advocacy, education, and empowerment. She holds the distinction of Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Jeannette lives in Florida with her husband, her sons, and her family and has a network of close friends, colleagues and business partners gained through a lifetime of service nationwide supporting her endeavors.

Luke Skinner

Resident Expert - Real Estate, Entrepreneurship

Luke Skinner stands as an undisputed luminary in the highly competitive realm of Florida’s Luxury and Investment real estate market. A visionary leader, he exerts his dynamic influence, utilizing innovation to empower investors and foster opportunities for financial prosperity. With a profound foundation in both the Real Estate and Business sectors and an unwavering dedication to transformative technologies, Luke is not just positioned to reshape the real estate landscape but is already actively doing so.

His distinguished career spans across the spectrum of commercial and residential luxury real estate. Luke embarked on his journey within one of the largest Tampa Bay area investment real estate firms and property management companies, where he meticulously honed his skills. In doing so, he earned his reputation as a trusted advisor for investors navigating the intricate world of acquiring and the disposition of commercial and tenant income-producing properties.

Today, Luke leads an ever-thriving real estate team in the heart of Central Florida, passionately supporting his team of agents to realize their own business successes. Concurrently, he lends his expertise to discerning Investors in income producing properties as well as buyers seeking to acquire luxury real estate across Florida, home to some of the most exclusive and sought-after properties.

Luke’s professional ambitions transcend the conventional boundaries of real estate. He emerges as a visionary entrepreneur committed to revolutionizing the industry through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology.

Beyond the precincts of real estate, Luke Skinner is a man of manifold passions and interests. He revels in the high-octane world of sports cars, not only appreciating their exquisite engineering but also the adrenaline they invoke. His dedication to mixed martial arts (MMA) serves as a testament to his discipline, unwavering tenacity, and relentless pursuit of self-improvement. Additionally, Luke’s creative spirit finds expression in the art of screenplay writing, a medium through which he weaves compelling narratives. Furthermore, he takes immense pride in being a staunch advocate for the United States, underscoring his deep-seated commitment to his homeland.

Emily Tamilio

Resident Expert – Entrepreneurship, Health Care

Emily Tamilio is a dynamic healthcare leader with a passion for excellence, serving as a marketing and communications strategist with over two decades of service through innovative partnership building.  She powerfully positions teams by aligning their purpose and message with clarity, consistency, and compassion. She has served in leadership roles in health systems, post-acute care, start-ups, and consulting.

Emily is an advocate for women’s health, senior care, and the seamless integration of the care continuum.  She is presently a member of Emerson Hospital’s Auxiliary and is serving as the President of the board for the Boston Chapter of SOAR, the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief, a global nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenians around the world. She recently orchestrated a large-scale fundraising event, building a footprint in the Boston area through leveraging her extensive network to draw over 200 attendees. Notably, she assumed the role of emcee for the evening to seamlessly guide the proceedings.

Emily founded Basil Communications, Inc. in 2023, a communications company specializing in creating custom campaign strategies for companies, including startups, particularly those in the healthcare sector, to help enhance their brand and foster meaningful relationships while cultivating impactful thought leadership to drive growth. Her aim is to craft and execute unique, out-of-the-box communication strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs. A respected scribe, Emily is often the go to for companies to craft and polish their writings and various forms of communication such as press releases and crisis documents.

Desiring to add value, Emily is driven with an unwavering belief in the power of human potential, empowering others to harness their unique strengths for purposeful impact. Emily thrives on learning and immerses herself in diverse topics ranging from the power of integrative nutrition to the role that thoughts, emotions and energy play in cultivating holistic well-being.

Resonating with the words of Aristotle, Emily is driven by this principle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Sue Wiltshire

Resident Expert – Branding, Technology, AI

Susan is a competent marketer with many years professional experience working at a high-level in both private and public industries. Susan has a CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, she continually seeks unique business solutions and coupled with her experience, knowledge and skills has developed market leading strategic business plans, brand strategy and all aspects of marketing communications.

Susan’s core strength is to drive growth through the delivery of marketing strategic plans, compelling marketing communications and streamlined business operations. Susan’s key areas of expertise is instrumental and pivotal in providing first class service deliverables that are creative, innovative, collaborative and focused on specific business needs which are both measurable to achieve short and long term goals. She has a unique and insightful approach with a real understanding of clients’ needs and with a practical know-how in terms of problem-solving combined with effective implementation and executes flawlessly.

Previously awarded the role as the media spokesperson for the Business is Great Growth Voucher initiative in Norfolk, promoting the scheme in the local press as well as running a taster session offering professional business advice to small and medium size businesses. Delivered a UK wide live Q&A social media session entitled ‘Marketing for Small Business’ in conjunction with the Enterprise Nation and a specialized training workshop e.g. ‘Creating Powerful Brands’.

Susan has a track record of achieving results through the delivery of effective business plans and operations that increase sales, improve performance and enhance profitability. Clients include Snuggle Sacs, Royal Norwich Golf Club, Face to Face Finance, Liquid11 and the Hamlet Centre Trust. She has gained insights and expertise in the following industries:- Children’s Goods, Hair & Beauty Industry, Automotive, Technology/IT, Public Sector, Healthcare, Retail and Financial services. Companies include Cisco, Celebrity Speakers, EDS, Unipart, Nielsen Marketing Research, SAS and UEA.

Susan’s mission and purposes in life is to help and support others to be the best version that they can be through this journey we call life and to highlight their unique inner light that is beautiful, elegant and joyful whilst having fun along the way through the ups and downs of life.

Her philosophy is “If I can do it then so can you” or vice versa and “I believe anything is possible when you ALIGN to your life path” and more importantly to “Create and Live your Dreams”.