Cyber Protection of US Critical Infrastructure


 Our previous blog US Critical National Infrastructure… examined physical attacks on the US utility sector and technologies that may be developed to provide energy fallback in case of attack on the US grid. In today’s increasingly digital landscape we must also delve into cybersecurity challenges to our physical, business and intellectual infrastructure.  Naturally the mention […]

From Crisis to Opportunity: Transforming America’s Economy for the 21st Century


As Erich Fromm wrote, “Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.”  Today, we face new and complex challenges that demand our attention and action. As entrepreneurial and concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to ask ourselves the tough questions – what kind of nation […]

Social Marxism, Entrepreneurialism and the Gen Z generation-The Clash of Perspectives.


It is clear today that in both socialist and capitalist systems, the use of mass media to shape public opinion can raise concerns about the manipulation of information and the potential for censorship. Those in power can and do use the media to promote their own interests and suppress dissenting opinions, leading to a homogenization […]