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New York - November 7th
Making Money Today in Real Estate: Challenges and Opportunities


Russ Flicker, Managing Partner, AWH Partners

Kristine Farra, CEO of Gold Coast Exclusive | Real Estate

Suresh Nichani, Vice Chairman of RealAssets Corporation

Eli Vershleiser, Chairman of Multi Group Companies

Martin Walrath, CFO of Triple Five Companies

Moderated by Ziad Abdelnour, Chairman FPC

New York - Sept 8th

Applied Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is a growing trend in the business world, and is redefining the way humans interact with each other and the world around them.

AI activity at a glance:

  • Over 6B in AI equity funding over 1,098 deals over last several years
  • $926M invested across 88 deals in 2015 (new high)
  • 2 IPOs across 38 exits in 2015

AI solutions will make every product and solution smarter, faster, and better suited for our needs. Most of us already use deep learning and machine learning products every single day.  AI is currently being implemented by a number of leading companies spanning finance, military, law, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, energy, and education and many more.

Our event will bring together industry leaders, leading researchers/experts, successful investors, corporate executives, and startup founders and innovators around the theme of applied Artificial Intelligence solutions.  We will address the reality vs hype, and the impact on policy, the industry and how it affects you!   

Moderated by our Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour


  • IBM Research / Watson VP, Guruduth Banavar
  • GVA Capital Group, Mark Minevich 
  • Greycroft Partners, Lucy Wang
  • Top Flight Technologies CEO, Long Phan, PhD
​    PhiFactor Technologies, Heiko Schmidt
    True Global Ventures, Bruce Gallager​

New York - July 14th

The Perfect Storm in Healthcare is Here
and What It Means for Investors
Register now and be part of the Big Bang shakeup of America's Healthcare system!

1. Broken Healthcare Systems (What is broken, why?)

2. The 3 Factors influencing the decline of healthcare

3. The rise of Medical Tourism

4. The 3 Factors driving the Perfect Storm in Healthcare
  • What it means for your family
  • How you can make money from it

Moderated by our Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour


  • Wall Street Journal CEO Council Member, Chris Fey 
  • 40 year Medical Practitioner, Dr. Lev Paukman
  • 35 year NY healthcare system developer, Adam Henick  
  • New York El Salvador Tourism / Economic Development Counselor, Marco Castro

Las Vegas, NV - July 13th-16th - FPC at Freedom Fest
Join us in Las Vegas July 13th-16th for a 3-day power conference at Planet Hollywood with our friends from FreedomFest

Featuring our Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour with over 60 speakers including keynotes from:

Steve Forbes, Publisher Forbes Magazine
George Foreman, Former Heavyweight Champion of the World
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News
Senator Rand Paul
Jennifer Grossman, CEO, Atlas Society
Brent Bozell, Founder and President, Media Research Center
Larry Elder, Author and Talk Show Host
Lisa Kennedy, Talk Show Host, Fox Business News
Grover NorquistPresident, Americans for Tax Reform
Stephen MooreChief Economist, Heritage Foundation
Come and join our speakers and attendees in imagining a greater tomorrow through technology and innovation in the arts, communication, energy, science, medicine, education, wealth building and investing, and political understanding.

Included are the following:

  • 3 1/2 days of general sessions & breakout sessions, debates, panels, and speeches
  • Welcome Reception and Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall
  • All conference materials
  • Unlimited Access to the Exhibit Hall
  • Full access to all Anthem Film Festival screenings
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast each morning (including hot items)
  • Access to the FreedomFest Virtual Clubhouse Group

BONUS: Atlas Summit, July 11th - 13th, sponsored by The Atlas Society covering sessions on art, history, culture, politics, and the philosophy of freedom.

2 CONFERENCES for the PRICE of 1!

Click "Get Tickets Now" for a special FPC discount code (discount code will not be applied using any other link or form)

Only $595 per person / $895 per couple
Students: $99 per person with password

Our Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas March 2016 was a great success!

Previous Events
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  1. Global Financial Summit
    MAR 2016
    Global Financial Summit
    Join FPC Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour, Stephen Moore, Mark Skousen, Grover Norquist, Alexander Green, Martin Truax, and Daniel Zurbrugg at The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to learn how to profit and preserve your capital in the most important election of the century.
  2. Bears and Doomsayers
    NOV 2015
    Bears and Doomsayers
    Mark Skousen moderates a panel featuring Peter Schiff, Michael Grad, Vince D'Addona, and FPC Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour discussing how to make money when the world is in a tailspin.
  3. Crowdfunding & Wall Street
    SEP 2015
    Crowdfunding & Wall Street
    FPC Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour, moderates a panel of crowdfunding experts including Joy Schoffler, Chris Tyrrell, and Georgia Quinn discussing the impact of equity based crowdfunding on Wall Street.
  4. Beat The Market
    JUN 2015
    Beat The Market
    Expert Economist and Author of over 25 books, Mark Skousen, shares his favorite way to beat the markets.
  5. Cyber Terrorism
    APR 2015
    Cyber Terrorism
    Pentagon Cyber-Terrorism expert and best selling author, Kevin Freeman, discusses how to prepare for and protect oneself as the battlegrounds shift from war zones to cyberspace.
  6. Terrorism & Human Rights
    MAR 2015
    Terrorism & Human Rights
    Roundtable interview with award-winning investigative journalist, Lisa Daftari, focusing on the way that global terrorism is changing world markets, national security, and human rights.
  7. Policy in World Aflame
    NOV 2014
    Policy in World Aflame
    Cato Institute Senior Fellow, Doug Bandow, discusses current hot spots, future foreign threats, and Washington's uncertain solutions.
  8. National Security Chaos
    SEP 2014
    National Security Chaos
    Former CIA Director and current Ambassador, James Woolsey, discusses threats to national security and issues that the nation must address before it is too late.
  9. Murder of the Middle Class
    JUL 2014
    Murder of the Middle Class
    Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and media dynamo, Wayne Allyn Root, discusses how to protect your family from the criminal conspiracy of the century.
  10. Free Market Revolution
    MAR 2014
    Free Market Revolution columnist and Ayn Rand Institute executive director, Dr. Yaron Brook, addresses the concept of free market revolution and how it can fix America today.
  11. Private Regulation
    NOV 2013
    Private Regulation
    Dr. Edward Stringham, professor of economics and entrepreneurship and an accomplished author, discusses the benefits of private regulation as an alternative to government regulation.
  12. Tax Code for Economic Growth?
    SEP 2013
    Tax Code for Economic Growth?
    Scott A. Hodge, President of The Tax Foundation in Washington, DC, and a recognized Washington though leader on tax and fiscal policy, discusses how the tax code can be transformed into an engine for economic growth.
  13. Entrepreneurism - The Secret Formula
    JUL 2013
    Entrepreneurism - The Secret Formula
    J. Morton Davis, owner and Chairman of D.H. Blair Investment Banking Corp, a NYC investment bank established in 1904, discusses the secret formula for making the future world a better place.
  14. "The Bubble" Screening
    MAY 2013
    "The Bubble" Screening
    Private screening of the movie: "The Bubble" which poses the question "Is the economy really improving or are we just blowing up another Bubble?"
  15. Washington Dysfunction
    APR 2013
    Washington Dysfunction
    Tim Rossman, emerging markets champion and former Soviet Bloc economic developer, addresses Washington dysfunction and how to solve the problem permanently.
  16. Countering Assault on Capitalism
    FEB 2013
    Countering Assault on Capitalism
    Fred Smith, prolific writer and President / Founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, tackles the assault on capitalism and the need to defend the market in an anti-market world.
  17. The Fiscal Cliff
    NOV 2012
    The Fiscal Cliff
    Adam Fank, head of wealth management for JP Morgan Securities, addresses the "fiscal cliff" and how to get ahead of rising taxes. Adam is an expert in strategic planning, business, family, succession, and philanthropic planning.
  18. Taxes, Policy, Economy
    OCT 2012
    Taxes, Policy, Economy
    Former Congressman and economist Jim Moody, and DC councilman Jack Evans, discuss their perspective on the role and effects of government on the economy, moderated by Davis Kennedy. First FPC event in DC.
  19. Economics of Feature Films and Sports
    SEP 2012
    Economics of Feature Films and Sports
    James Bond film financier and accomplished music and entertainment business icon, Allen Schwalb, discusses the economics of feature films and the sports industry in an uncertain economy.
  20. Housing Crash
    JUN 2012
    Housing Crash
    Keith Jurow, author of Minyanville's Housing Market Report, discusses why there is no bottom in sight for the housing market with an eye for themes frequently overlooked or ignored by the media.
  21. Budget Deficit
    APR 2012
    Budget Deficit
    Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, a doctor, mother, business woman, and community leader turned public servant, addresses the budget deficit and how to deal with it particularly tackling burdensome provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act.
  22. Renewable Energy
    NOV 2011
    Renewable Energy
    Keith Crane, Director of Environment, Energy, and Economic Development at the RAND Corporation, addresses challenges, opportunities, and costs surrounding renewable energy.
  23. Energy Security
    OCT 2011
    Energy Security
    Gal Luft, Executive Director for Washington based think tank, the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS) which focuses on energy security discusses the fiscal conservative path to energy security.
  24. Thinking About the Future
    SEP 2011
    Thinking About the Future
    Dr. Herbert I. London, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan institute, President Emeritus of the Hudson Institute, noted social critic, and author of twenty-four books speaks about the future.
  25. Debt = Armageddon
    JUN 2011
    Debt = Armageddon
    Managing Director and Chief Economist for Aladdin Capital, Constance Hunter, addresses fiscal imperative to sell austerity as growth and debt as Armageddon.
  26. Freeze, Grow, Fix
    MAY 2011
    Freeze, Grow, Fix
    Jim Gilmore III, former 68th Governor of Virginia, and former Attorney General of Virginia, discusses the need for a national financial policy for America's future in his presentation, Freeze, Grow, Fix.
  27. GOP vs. Tea-Party
    APR 2011
    GOP vs. Tea-Party
    John LeBoutillier, the youngest member of the 97th Congress, accomplished author, and radio host, discusses the impact that the civil war between the GOP and the Tea Party will have on economic recovery.
  28. Hyperinflation: Inevitable
    MAR 2011
    Hyperinflation: Inevitable
    Victor Sperandeo, CEO of Alpha Financial Technologies and a professional trader with over 40 years of experience in stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, and currency markets, outlines the statistical inevitability of hyperinflation and its impact.
  29. Wreckonomics
    FEB 2011
    Professor Burton A. Abrams, well published author in professional journals ranging from the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking to national new media including the Wall Street Journal discusses the impact of US Fiscal Policy at Work.
  30. Washington Meet Wall Street
    MAR 2010
    Washington Meet Wall Street
    Inaugural FPC event held at the Metropolitan Club and attended by 70 of the most prominent members in the NY Financial Services community including G. Chris Andersen from Andersen Partners, Alan Patricof from Greycroft Partners, David Ying from Evercore Partners, Steve Norris from Gulf Capital Partners and many more private equity hedge fund and Wall Street senior execs.
  31. Emerging Markets
    MAY 2016
    Emerging Markets
    Join Tom Speechley, Nicolas Martin, and Renato Tichauer as they talk about how to make money in emerging markets and the pitfalls to watch out for. Moderated by Ziad Abdelnour. Image credit: ExcelFunds
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