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When Are We Going to Ever Stop Falling for the Con Out There? 


If you’re scratching your head wondering how so many people and institutions could’ve invested so much trust and money into a shady, unregulated, and inherently risky operation like the FTX scam run by Bankman-Fried or any other house of cards, like the crypto industry in general, consider the quickness with which the masses, without question, bought in to approved narratives about.

  • Effectiveness and safety of COVID vaccines and mandates
  • The legitimacy of the 2020 election
  • The 1/6 Capitol “insurrection”
  • Inflation is temporary and comparatively not that bad
  • Supply chain breakdowns reflect a booming economy
  • American patriots are “fascists,” “extremists,” and/or “terrorists”
  • Ukraine is a “democracy” worthy of $91+ billion of U.S. money
  • An open southern border is needed to fill American jobs
  • “Climate change” will destroy the planet in only a few years
  • BLM is a legitimate benefactor to black Americans
  • White people are innately “racist”
  • “Diversity, inclusion, and equity” are more important than merit
  • Teachers know what children need better than their parents do
  • Gender is “fluid” and people, including children, can choose their own
  • “Born that way” as a rationale for the queer/trans movement
  • Abortion as a humane way of protecting women’s health, and
  • Everyone is entitled to his own “truth”

Notice a theme here? Most of the false narratives seducing the gullible public are coming from the political left —And they’re working in parallel with global political and financial powers who want us to accept that “by 2030, you will own nothing and be happy.” 

None of these leftist narratives would stand the light of day if we all chose to reject them and openly call them out for what they are — lies, propaganda, and con jobs. 

Over the past 50 or more years, we have become a nation of people undereducated, misinformed, disenfranchised, disempowered, silenced, chemically numbed, and made overly comfortable in our little private digital environments. We have been neutered to the point where we have lost not only critical thought, abstract reasoning, and basic common sense, but the capacities that make us humans created in God’s image — compassion, empathy, and selfless love for one another.

Unless we change, we may be reaching a point of no return for the humanity we once knew. All change starts from within each of us individually. So question everything you see and hear; resist herd mentality, trust your gut; and, for the sake of others more vulnerable to the con, speak out against the madness. If enough of us actively take control of the narratives we’ve been fed, we will discover we’re not alone, and according to the “butterfly effect,” individual change will grow to become collective change. We are the majority, and must be silent no more.

Happy New Year