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Zana Nesheiwat

I see Financial Policy Council (FPC) as a Think & Do tank masterfully producing high-impact events, power summits, and research.

Engaging in the FPC mission is an opportunity to join a 300,000+ member-base to inform and institute policies that ensure Americans (you) are not only able but are continually empowered to make money.

It is powered by alpha wealth creators, game-changers and financiers. The organization’s makeup and guiding principles lends an authoritative voice on economic affairs.

As an action-orientated and education platform, FPC engagements bridge policy and business to bolster American prosperity and market health.

I am based in California and have had the opportunity to participate in two FPC events in NYC. On both occasions, attendees, panelists and sponsors alike were presented with abundant opportunities to network with leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision makers spanning industry.

Event 1: I attended the “Oil and Gold Near Term Outlook” event October 2017, where a distinguished panel shared insight based on their personal and professional experiences. This included educating the audience on crude oil derivatives, trading, the global impact of oil derivatives transactions and beyond.

Event 2: The second FPC event I attended was a “Blockchain and Digital Currency” power summit November 2017. The panel’s discussions provided a simplified, yet thoughtful and transparent means to understand the highly publicized asset class. It concluded with a QA in which 30+ attendees eagerly waited their turn on the mic for an opportunity to engage with the panelists directly.

Bottom line: Access, actionable-intelligence, and impact all in one place. I strongly recommend any wealth creator and American patriot to join this amazing platform and spread the message.

Zana Nesheiwat
Blackhawk Partners


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