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Stanford B. Silverman

The Financial Policy Council (FPC) is the proto-financial birthing place of entrepreneurial Stars.

Under the tutelage of Ziad Abdelnour, a new messianic capitalistic liturgy is orated to aspiring tycoons’ who are exposed to the moguls of industry and have the occasion to engage them one on one to explore opportunities that will lead them to economic independence.

Abdelnour’s FPC is the proverbial Drexel Burnham Predators’ Ball, the room is packed with the future Stephen Wynn’s’, Ronald Perelman’s’ and Carl Icahn’s. Leading the charge, Abdelnour, the genius protégé of Michael Milken steals the show with his tireless rhetoric and penetrating analysis on wealth accumulation and how you can get there.

The FPC is a show stopper, don’t miss it if you are a serious student of making money.

Stanford B. Silverman
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Minerva Capital Management


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