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Joule Guttierez

In an alternate universe where you have infinite time, staff, and resources, you’d love to physically shake hands with the top executives and champion at every customer, the typical corporation often reserves such high-touch events (their nomenclature for meetings) with only their top higher-touch clientele.

Over the years I personally witnessed this kind of alternate universe from Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners in outstanding business responsiveness and in particular at the Financial Policy Council meetings where face to face is the standard and not the exception. You’ll experience a ready greeting with genuine interest welcoming you to the Blackhawk Partners family and will be well informed and kept in the loop of future events. An impressive feat given the magnitude of contacts and connections. I’ve enjoyed meeting a diverse group of professionals at the Financial Policy council meetings. Ziad truly is the champion for all levels of business, I highly recommend attendance to the Council.

J. JouleGutierrez
Hedge Fun, LLC.


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