FPC Blog

Anthony Sages

I have been attending FPC meetings for more than four years. I find the members and guest speakers to be the finest in their respective fields. If someone is looking for a typical market/political commentary or speech, you will not find it at FPC. Instead, you’ll experience the political incorrectness of the truth about the challenges facing the global economy and the US economy. I find every meeting to be thought provoking, yet grounded in irrefutable fact. The forum is open to differing opinions and encourages attendees to think outside the conventional CNBC talk. I look forward to my continued attendance.

On a lighter note, FPC’s Chairman Ziad Abdelnour keeps the pace fast, interesting and no one gets a free pass without backing his/her opinion with tangible facts.

Anthony Sages

Sr. Executive Vice President, National Division

AXA Advisors, LLC