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PC Kicks off 4th Quarter with AI Power Symposium Titled: In The Future, Business Thrives on new Artificial Intelligence Solutions or DIES

NEW YORK CITY, NY – August 26, 2016

The Financial Policy Council, riding high on a series of successful events that began with a Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas in March, and culminated in a powerhouse symposium on Global Health presented by bigbang Health, announced it will host a special 6-person panel on Applied Artificial Intelligence in New York City on September 8th.

The event will address the way that Applied AI is poised to radically reengineer the future of the service economy and its business models. From driverless cars, to healthcare, to finance, to supply chain, to outsourcing, to selection of human resources, artificial intelligence is restructuring the business models and solutions of tomorrow.

FPC Chairman, Ziad Abdelnour, said, “We are excited that the FPC is jumping right into the heart of the Artificial Intelligence conversation, and are looking forward to a highly-engaged and positively explosive event.”

Evangelized by Mark Minevich, AI Expert, CTO, High-Level Fellow and Tech Advisor at US Think tanks and Institutes, and Venture Partner at GVA Capital Group, the panel includes Guruduth Banavar, one of the leading executives from IBM’s Watson Research Division, Lucy Wang of Greycroft Partners, Dr. Long Phan, CEO of Top Flight Technologies, Heiko Schmidt, CEO of PhiFactor Technologies, Bruce Gallager, Partner at True Global Ventures and member of the New York Angels.

“One thing is clear: The business models of the new digital future are going to be closely linked to artificial intelligence, industrialization, and commoditization of cognition” said Minevich. He further added, “The rapid emergence and evolution of new technologies means that new revenue opportunities will emerge with unprecedented speed. We should start preparing now for a future involving the immersion of AI, creating value around it, and leveraging it to our benefit.”

Karl Schlegel, FPC Events Chair and board member, said that he is excited about the way that “Applied Artificial Intelligence” can bring the worlds of tech, finance, and consumer interests closer together. “This event represents what we at the FPC truly believe in: addressing the key issues at hand and getting a solid grasp on how they affect each person individually as well as at the macro level. Artificial Intelligence is truly a game changer.”

The symposium will be held at Elebash Recital Hall at the CUNY Graduate Center in Midtown on September 8th and will run from 6:00 – 8:30 pm. Tickets are available at the Financial Policy Council’s website: www.financialpolicycouncil.org/event-sept-2016.