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Financial Policy Council Re-Elects Ziad Abdelnour to Three Year Term

New York, NY, January 26, 2014

Ziad K Abdelnour, Founder and President of the Financial Policy Council, has been re-elected by the board of directors to another three year term based on his outstanding track record.

During his position as President of the Financial Policy Council, Ziad Abdelnour has demonstrated remarkable success. He put together a Board of Directors of 17 first class individuals who have one thing in common: a genuine pursuit of excellence and sense of mission second to none. At the end of the day, it’s all about having the right people on board. Ziad K Abdelnour hopes to increase the board to 21 members by the end of 1Q 2014.

Ziad K Abdelnour and the Financial Policy Council co-sponsored with the Hudson Institute – one of Washington’s premier think tanks – a series of 12 events over a 3 month period back in 2011 dealing with fiscal and monetary policy. He lured over 300 financiers of the highest caliber to the different venues. This was clearly the series of events that put the Financial Policy Council at the forefront of “financial innovation” and set the stage.

In addition, Ziad Abdelnour organized Twenty World Class Events with speakers ranging from members of the US Congress (Nan Hayworth, Scott Garrett, Jim Moody & John Le Boutilier) Academia (Burt Abrams, Tom Rossman and Edward Stringham), Wall Street (Morty Davis, Constance Hunter, and Victor Sperandeo), Washington Think Tanks (Herb London, Fred Smith, Scott Hodge and Gal Luft), Former Governors (Jim Gilmore), Corporate America (Rand Corporation & JP Morgan), Hollywood (Alan Schwalb) along with former Budget Director under Reagan David Stockman…. bringing over 1,600 guests to their venues.