Entrepreneur leadership award

The Financial Policy Council Leadership Entrepreneur Award has recently been created to recognize up-and-coming entrepreneur leaders who have demonstrated successful solutions and real impact in furthering new business models.

If you have developed ground breaking solutions, think you are a successful entrepreneur and want to share your story and solutions with the Financial Policy Council – you could be featured  and showcased live at one of our events in New York City, presented an Award and promoted on our website reaching thousands of US and Global wealth creators, financiers and investors daily.

The Financial Policy Council is constantly on the hunt for innovative and talented entrepreneurs from around the US and the world, and our search culminates in a submission campaign. Five times a year, we select our next generation entrepreneurs to promote and showcase their story at a live in person Financial Policy council event in New York City.  Once a year we do select entrepreneur finalists for a Grand Award.

Through our FPC website and social media, entrepreneurs and innovators can submit their proposal including entrepreneur profile and solutions built over their respective careers. The submissions are supplemented by extensive research carried out internally to ensure quality as well as by geographic and sector diversity. Entrepreneurs are then assessed by the FPC team and Board of Directors and then elected to participate.

To learn more about the Entrepreneur’s Circle membership benefits or how to become an Entrepreneur Leadership Award recipient, send an email to ziad@financialpolicycouncil.org. A Financial Policy Council representative will follow up with you accordingly.