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Will President Trump Reign Supreme in This Election?


The intensity of this election year is stirring up more and more. But, as far as I’m concerned, there is no real competition here. It’s very clear to me that President Trump will win the red vote and with the majority of the country carried by the red over the last 4 elections. This election in theory should be a breeze. Well…that is if the blue side doesn’t cheat their way to victory. But believe me, they will try. They are already hard at work setting it up. However, even against all odds, there are 2 main reasons why President Trump will reign victorious. The competition is weak and President Trump’s support is strong.

No Real Competition Here

First things first, just look at his opponent. I can literally laugh at the thought of Joe Biden winning over Trump. Who could ever trust this guy? Him and his leftist coalition has continuously fumbled the ball this year exposing many of their toxic ways. He doesn’t care about the betterment of the American people, they’re too busy plotting world domination. Yes, he is very much so in kahoots with Bill Gates and the rest of the gang who spend most of their time planning how they can keep this “pandemic” up and force you to get vaccinated. Do you really want him as your president?

Not to mention, his game plan has been from the jump, to take advantage of the Black vote. He even went as far as choosing a Black woman as his running mate. I must admit, on paper that sounds great, but in all actuality he goes and picks the one black woman that doesn’t even have a high black approval rate. Hence…they didn’t even support her when she was running against Joe Shmoe. Who can blame them though? This is the same woman who has repeatedly criminalized black and spent most of her legal tenure harshly prosecuting the poor and people of color. She couldn’t gain the black support then…I don’t know why anyone would think she can gain their support now. Plus how weak is it for Joe to choose a running mate that he viciously went back and forth with. He called her out on all of her dirt and she blindsided him multiple times when running against each other in the Democratic primaries. They had no respect for each other then and I’m sure that they still don’t have respect for each other now. It just goes to show, Joe didn’t pick her based on merit or out of the best interest of this country. He chose her out of a strategic play to capture the black and woman vote.

But, the American people are smart and see right through this scheme. This will ultimately backfire on Joe and push President Trump further. Because unlike the Blue side, President Trump actually has the proof to back up the fact that he has continuously helped build up the black community during his term. He doesn’t have to run any schemes and try to play off of emotional appeal.

Strong supporters

Secondly, President Trump has strong supporters that won’t let him down, even more than he started off with during his first run. He has proved that he can be trusted as our President. He has been a man of his word thus far. Prior to Covid-19 the businesses were thriving, unemployment rates were the lowest that they have ever been. The economy was thriving. The American people were thriving! How can you overlook that?

I must admit, there were people who doubted him beforehand, but you are a complete idiot if you can’t see how he has proved all of the disbelievers wrong. People have no choice but to take him seriously now. Keep in mind that around this time last election year, Hilary Clinton had a bit of a lead in approval rating, very similar to where Joe Biden stands now. But, low and behold, President Trump overcame that lead in the end and the same trend is shown again. Joe Biden is rapidly losing his “lead.” There was a point in time where people took a celebrity running for President as a joke. Well, now the joke is on them. President Trump’s supporters are so strong willed, they elected him once against all odds. They will do it again.

So, for those of you who believe anything other than President Trump will remain in office after this election, you’re in for a rude awakening. The fact of the matter is, President Trump is here to stay and he is damn sure a better candidate than the leftist bully Joe Biden. I stand by the fact that President Trump is for the American people. Don’t let the media propaganda fool you into believing otherwise.