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The Games Have Begun


Listen up people. The world is changing right before our eyes and if you aren’t prepared for what’s in store, you won’t like the outcome. The truth is you have been set up to be blindsided by the smokescreen of media censorship. Those who speak out to enlighten you with truth are often silenced. Your first amendment right has been snatched away from you. Freedom of speech is no longer a thing..you must express yourself in a way that is politically correct. Criticism of certain people and their endeavors is not tolerated and you must tip toe around controversial topics. Who wants to live in a world where they are not able to freely speak their mind? Well the fact is, that day has already come.

Why? Because the masses have been brainwashed through systematic programming. Those who speak truth are singled out to be crazy or a villain or worse…silenced without anyone even taking notice. It even goes so far as to death threats over sharing the truth. But the media has taken over the minds of the people. They have filled our heads with false narratives and made it hard for some people to separate the lies from the truth.

For instance, take a look at THIS

Mass chaos was created surrounding the “deadly” Coronavirus when in fact the CDC just reported that only around 6% of deaths reported were legit. However, amplifying the data to make it seem like hundreds of thousands of people were dying of Covid served to cause fear and take your attention away from the real crisis at hand here.

The truth is America is under a severe financial crisis and no this was not brought on by Covid. Dating back to 1971, the US kept the economy expanding by printing loads of fake money and to compensate tricked people into getting into debt…hence the recent push for credit cards, car loans and the infamous student loan. Fast forward to today, America is $225 trillion in debt when there is only $4.5 trillion in base money. How can $225 trillion be paid off when there is not even that much money available?

Eventually that money printing machine is going to stop and you will realize this is only the beginning. We are entering a whole new world and things will never be the same. This is why it is important that you open your eyes and see the world for what it is.

Don’t continue to fall for the distractions. It’s time to get out there and build your own wealth so that you are not victim to the trillions of dollars of debt that the US has forced upon us. It’s time to get your head in the game and craft your plan to save you and your family from dealing with the nightmare that is unfolding before our eyes. It’s time to break free from the mental hypnosis and stand up for your rights…your freedom!