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The Bigger Picture


While racism is an issue that must be addressed, we cannot turn a blind eye to what is the bigger issue at hand, the financial gap that lies between the people of power in this country versus the oppressed. It is time for all of us to get in the race and close in on that gap. This is the way that we will see systemic oppression defeated and gain the freedom we all deserve. To all the people who think capitalism is the root of injustice in this country, I call BS. It is perhaps the most important weapon most people are missing from their dictionary

We are at war, but contrary to popular opinion, the line isn’t drawn by the color of your skin. The only color that truly matters in this battle is green. Believe it or not the government doesn’t have the final say so in how this country operates. They are merely puppets used to put on a show for us. The truth is there is a group of extremely wealthy individuals that control this country and aim to keep control of your life. Open your eyes, we are being manipulated and pitted against one another as an attempt to divert attention away from the real enemies at stake. It’s all a mind game and sadly, an overwhelming majority are losing by a long shot. This is because they are missing the point.

No longer can I stand and watch as people continue to fight an uphill battle that will ultimately land them nowhere. Spending all of our time combating racist who have a false sense of empowerment only serves to weaken our chances of winning the real fight. Whether you realize it or not, white, black, Latino, Asian or whatever, we are all in the same boat. If you don’t have access to wealth, you don’t have access to true freedom. And there is a group of globalists out there on the prowl for world domination that is trying their best to keep you from achieving real wealth. Their most common tactic? Making you believe you don’t have the power to do so.

But they are wrong.

Capitalism is a system that allows anyone with the knowledge and willpower to bootstrap their way to economic freedom. This is why the globalists are constantly pushing for socialism, it would allow them to have full control over the delegation of economic power. As our country erupts in chaos due to global “plandemics,” race wars and natural disasters, they are moving forward with their plans of world domination.

We have to snap out of it.

We are wasting time fighting each other over the color of our skin because people can’t seem to understand that we are all human, thus one is the same. We are wasting time allowing ourselves to be forced into an economic slump due to nationwide shutdowns over an over hyped virus. Wake up people! We should be focused on building thriving businesses and creating outstanding wealth. We should be creating new startups or rebuild our current businesses to serve the unique needs that have to be fulfilled at this time. We should be coming up with plans to reopen/create jobs for the massive amounts of people unemployed at the moment and finding ways to access capital outside of waiting for handouts from the government. We should be constantly educating ourselves so that we will no longer fall victim to mind manipulation. These are the things that’s going to save us all.

So, I challenge you to shift your thinking and stop falling for the distractions they continue to throw our way. Stop feeling helpless and waiting for someone to give you freedom. Get out there, create wealth and take it.

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Make no mistake about it; money is first and foremost about freedom. It is not about acquiring things nor flaunting it in front of family and friends. It is all about freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Freedom to tell your boss or whoever is running your life to take a hike. All the rest is for the birds.