Capitalizing on Tokenization: Harnessing Digital Assets for Unprecedented Profit Growth


Tokenization is the process of converting the rights to a real-world asset into a digital token on a blockchain. These digital tokens represent ownership or interest in the underlying asset, which can range from real estate to artworks, making these assets more accessible, divisible, and easier to trade on digital platforms. In a world where […]

The True Threat of Debt Default for America


Introduction  As the United States grapples with an escalating national debt, the specter of a debt default casts a long shadow over the nation’s financial landscape. Despite the abstract nature of these financial concepts, they have concrete implications for every American – impacting everything from domestic policy to international standing, and even the purchasing power […]

The $8 Trillion Dilemma for CEO’s: Upskill Trust or Pay Costly Workforce Replacements?

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Trust is the ultimate currency. It is the unseen mortar that binds together the bricks of interpersonal relationships, civic institutions, and shared beliefs. It is the basic ingredient that enables collective action and facilitates a functional, sometimes even harmonious society. Without trust, society unravels, rendering essential social contracts and mutual agreements unworkable. Despite being a […]

We Need to Add Ownership to the Concept of NIL


In 2021, The NCAA announced changes that allow college athletes to get compensated for their NIL (i.e., name, image, and likeness).1 The issue of monetary compensation for students has always been and will continue to be controversial. Proponents pointing to how administrations and coaches have been making millions from college sports, while students get nothing. […]