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Business is War


So, you think you’re ready to go into business? Well, I hope you are ready for the war of your lifetime. Building a business isn’t a simple 1…2…3 process. It is much more complex. It’s about beating the odds, it’s a war, and just as in any war, you must come prepared to fight or else it won’t turn out too well. So before you jump right in, let’s make sure you have the right weaponry in your arsenal. Check out these 3 “weapons” that you must have if you are looking to kill it in the business world.

Know your stuff: Knowledge is power and thus your most important weapon. For instance, wanna be a killer negotiator? Hit people so hard with the facts, you don’t even give them room to breathe. Not to mention, you can use your knowledge to outwit anyone that stands in your way. The goal is to totally obliviate them. That’s why it’s important that you should always be seeking new knowledge. The more you know, the more kick ass you will be!

Build an Army: Having the right team behind you is just as important as having the right commanders in an army. They are the ones to help drive you to victory. You should build a team of like-minded individuals with diverse skill sets. Afterall, you alone can’t master everything…so you should have people on your team that are strong where you are weak. Most importantly, they should all share the common goal of helping to propel your business to success.

Have a thick shield: Business is not for the weak. You have to be tough as nails and have to revamp your mindset if you want to thrive. It’s that killer mentality that will help drive you to success. There’s no room for you to let your emotions get involved. You have to drive your business through intel. Plain and simple. The world of business is cutthroat and if you’re too busy licking your wounds because your feelings are hurt, you will miss out on great opportunity.

Building a successful business is a huge task at hand. Each step of the way will be a battle that you must be prepared to fight. It won’t be easy, but then again what war is? So, before you jump at the idea of starting your own business, ask yourself …are you ready to go to war?