4 Tips To Become a Wealth Creation Warrior


Everyone wants to be insanely rich, but no one wants to put in the work these days. Business isn’t some walk in the park. Business is war. Therefore, if you want to build real wealth you have to tap into your inner warrior. However, warriorship isn’t just all about the fight. No, no. You have to get active, be wise, build your army and have the right mind frame in order to be the best warrior that you can be. So, it’s time to stop half assing and get ready to take charge. Checkout these tips to help you become the strong wealth creating warrior that you are meant to be:

Get Gritty

Sometimes you have to get down and dirty in the trenches. You can’t just sit up on your high horse if you want to build real wealth. There is a lot of leg work to be done and you can’t simply trust others to do it for you, especially when you’re just starting out. This helps you build character, learn humility and gain the experience you need in order to become successful.

You also have to be a risk taker. You can’t just watch from the sidelines and play it safe. Playing it safe doesn’t make real winners in this world. You have to take a chance, give yourself the opportunity to make mistakes that you can learn from. This makes you stronger. It makes you wiser. Real life experience is what equips you with the tools you need to build your empire and share your experiences with others so that they can go out and do the same. You empower more people when they know you went out and truly worked for the things that you have gained in your life. At the end of the day, no one is going to give you money, power or freedom, you have to be willing to go out and grab it yourself.

Know Your Politics

There’s no chance of separating economics and politics, they coincide. Therefore, it’s important for you to learn the economics behind politics if you want to be successful. This will help you know how to navigate the system no matter what party is in control at the time. You have to understand that economic principles are very different depending on what political party is in power at the time. When the right side is in charge, you have to embrace full on capitalism if you want to achieve higher level success. If the left side is in office, it’s time to learn to navigate your way to wealth in the midst of welfare politics. Regardless, a great warrior is adaptable and switches their strategy based on the environment that surrounds them. In order to build wealth, you have to embrace a warrior-like mindset.

Build a Dream Team

Yes, you are ultimately the center of your wealth creation journey, but at the end of the day, you can’t do it all alone. Surrounding yourself with the right people will take your abilities to the next level. Expand your network, build the right connections and don’t be afraid to seek mentorship. Bring people on board that can help strengthen your weaknesses, that are knowledge, that have more experience than you, or that have skill sets that you don’t possess. Also, don’t forget, you become an average of the people that you spend the most time with. Therefore, it’s important that you surround yourself with string, driven people with similar mindsets and goals. If your goal is to become a powerhouse wealth creator, your team should have the same idea in mind. You all can help uplift each other to achieve your wealth creation goals. Not to mention, your team should be there to hold you accountable and vice versa. You should be able to help each other stay on track and not stray away from the goals at hand. It’s easy to ditch a goal when the goings get tough, so surround yourself with people who are going to be supportive and helpful when needed, but also hold you to the standards that you have set for yourself.

Invest in Your Passion

Successful Entrepreneurship takes a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, you have to find a way to get passionate about your journey. There are a billion ways to make money and build wealth in this day and age. If you can’t take the things you’re passionate about and make money off of them, then you’re the issue. The days of working a dead end job that you hate just to survive are out the door. The truth is it’s much harder to build wealth if you are passionate about what you do. Why? Because there are going to be times where shit gets tough. There’s no doubt about that. And when you’re passionate about what you are building, it makes it easier to stick it out and power through even at the worst points of your journey. Wealth creation is more than just about money, it’s about achieving the life that you see for yourself. No one wants to be miserable, so why make the journey miserable. You should be able to look bad and say, I really enjoyed the time I’ve dedicated to building my empire. And once you get to your destination, you will actually feel fulfilled. Without having that sense of fulfillment, you’ll never be happy. I don’t care how much money you get, it’s the overall journey that creates the real satisfaction.

The path to wealth creation is not all fun and games. This is why you have to be a real warrior, dedicated to going out and making it happen. You have to know your environment and prepare for the challenges up ahead of you. You have to surround yourself with the right people to have your back. And most importantly, you have to find the joy in your journey. Wealth creation is more than just money, this is your life and freedom at stake. But remember, your future lies in your hands. No one can take that away from you, especially if you’re willing to put up a good fight. You are a warrior. You are strong. You have what it takes to take back control of your life and build a brighter future.


You Get What You Negotiate


In life, you don’t get what you “deserve,” you get what you negotiate.

It’s simple, negotiation is a skillset you must master if you want to achieve the life that you are after. This goes for anything in life. Whether it’s finances, career driven or even relations, negotiation in the key to getting the outcome you are looking for. That being said, it’s no wonder why so many people live unfulfilled lives, they simply lack the ability to negotiate in their best interest. Therefore, if you are needing to brush up on your negotiation tactics, try out these tips so you can begin to negotiate life on your terms.

Learn to listen

So many people miss out on great opportunities simply because they don’t listen. When negotiating, you have to hear out the other party. This is how you gain the information you need to go for the kill. If you listen, 9 times out of 10, the other party will express to you their needs, their concerns, their non-negotiables and you can craft a rebuttal that addresses all of the above. This gives you the advantage of empathy. Afterall, negotiation isn’t just about your agenda, you have to compromise and understand the needs and wants of the other party. If you do this, people will be more open to negotiating with you and eventually help you to get what you want.

Be Yourself

Most people can see through your bullshit, therefore when negotiating, it’s more beneficial for you just to be yourself. This will help you to build trust. It creates a better environment for open and honest discussions which will help you and the other party work together to achieve a deal suitable for the both of you. At the end of the day, when people trust you, they will do anything to help and support you, giving you yet another advantage when it comes to negotiating.

Don’t Oversell

No one likes the pushy salesman. Therefore, it’s important to practice expressing what it is that you want without going for a hard sell. Let your needs speak for themselves. Be open and honest about what it is that you are looking to get out of the negotiation, but also be a storyteller. You have to keep your audience captivated and make them excited about working with you. When you get good at storytelling, people want to be a part of that story—and they want to help others become part of that story too.

Understand Mistakes Will Happen

We’re all human, no one is perfect. Mistakes will happen. However, most of the time the mistake won’t be your undoing, it’s how you handle it. The quickest way for a mistake to become your downfall is by pointing the finger or not acknowledging it at all. The best thing for you to do is apologize. People are more forgiving than you may think. Remember, sincere gratitude is a powerful emotion to convey and opens many doors.

While these tips only touch the surface of bettering your negotiation skills, they are a good place to start. Mastering negotiation will open doors for you that you wouldn’t even believe. It gives you the power to go out and grab whatever it is that you want in life. So stop, accept less and negotiate your way to getting what you feel you “deserve.” After all, nothing in life is given to you, it’s up to you to find a way to make it happen.


Capitalism: The Empowerment of the People


What is success without empowering others? Meaningless. The whole point of capitalism is to achieve freedom AND to empower others to do the same which is what makes capitalism so great. A lot of people have been brainwashed into thinking that capitalists are selfish individuals only looking to feed their own wallets. This is simply not true. This is no longer the turn of last century, this is a time of conscious capitalism, using capitalism to uplift others both economically and socially. Capitalism is the key to creating a better life for all and I have personally used capitalism at its best. I know just how powerful it can be. The economic and social empowerment of people is just around the corner. Check out how the empowerment of the people can be achieved through capitalism.

Economic Empowerment

Conscious capitalism is more than just creating wealth for yourself; it’s about helping others to do the same. When you go out and create your business, you have the power to build up others through providing well-paying jobs that allow families to do more than just survive, but also save up enough money to one day open their own business too. The goal is never to keep someone as an employee forever, you want to empower others to get out and build companies too. And not only do you have the ability to empower them financially, but also you can mentor them as well. Show them the way. Success shouldn’t be some big secret. We are all here trying to build the best lives for ourselves and our families. So as an employer, why wouldn’t you want to help uplift your employees so they can go out and do the same.

Another way to empower others economically is to become an investor. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, helping to uplift small businesses through investment only helps our economy. Now of course, investing is no charity game, so you want to make good investments, especially ones that you can add value to, whether it’s through connections or industry knowledge. I have personally helped to grow over 125 companies and funded them with over 20 billion dollars. Needless to say, I have helped change the lives of many, thus I know the difference that capitalism can make. At the end of the day, the more wealth creators we have in this world, the world will become infinitely better.

Social Empowerment

Contrary to what the leftist try to make you believe, capitalism does not create social problems. It actually helps to resolve them. When you adopt the capitalist mindset, you start to see the world for what it really is and not some made up social construct hammered into our heads driven by the democrats and their media puppets. You open your mind to the fact that life is solely what YOU make it and you realize that you have the power to make the best of it. You don’t waste time crying about equality and wanting the whole world to settle for mediocracy. You get out there and you create the best life for you and your family and you empower others to do the same. Not to mention, you feel good knowing that YOU created this lifestyle. You become fulfilled.

You know why so many people have issues in society? It’s because they are unfulfilled in life. They feel that their mediocre life was handed to them and they don’t have the power to change it. And when the giving gets short, they become even more bitter and hostile. Too many people in the world live in a constant state of hostility. More people need to wake up and realize that they have the power to take back control of their life and build happier, more fulfilling lifestyles through capitalism. When you are fulfilled in life, you tend not to bother others. You aren’t concerned with who has more than you. There’s always going to be someone that has more than you, that’s life. You can accept that and be happy with what you have worked for.

Through capitalism, you have the power to empower others to build wealth and create a good life for themselves. And as the cycle continues, they will help others to do the same. Capitalism is ultimately the empowerment of people. Therefore, your success is measured not by the money you make, but by the people you uplift along the way.


Economic Agenda: Trump v/s Biden…. The choice is clear


One of the hot topics of this year’s election is the difference in economic plans from each candidate. As a strong capitalist, President Trump has to continue to incentive business and ownership while Joe Biden makes a push towards socialism encouraging people to remain in the general labor force and rely on the government for assistance. With economic plans on opposite ends of the spectrum, it is important that we choose wisely as we cast our votes. Afterall, this is your freedom at stake. So, here’s a breakdown of each candidate’s economic plan:

Trump’s Plan: During his term, President Trump has signed legislation to cut capital gains tax to 15 percent and increase the estate tax basic exemption amount from $5 million to $10 million. He plans on introducing new legislation that will propose a cut to payroll taxes and continues to cut regulations for businesses. While Trump’s plan heavily incentivizes business ownership, it also inherently increases the number of jobs created each year. With businesses allowed to grow and flourish, they will expand and more jobs will be created. Not to mention, more people will become wealthy and create businesses of their own and employ more people. In addition to creating new jobs, President Trump is also looking to bring back jobs to the American people by bringing manufacturing back to the United States and imposing tariffs on those that don’t. He also has plans to fund on-the-job training, apprenticeships. Lastly, he wants to make major investments in infrastructure. This followed by the success of having launched the “opportunity zones” programs in 8,766 distressed areas, which, so far, have attracted $75 billion in private capital.

Biden’s plan: On the other hand, Biden wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and strengthen worker organizing, collective bargaining, and unions. He also has claimed that he will make racial equity part of the mandate of the Federal Reserve and will insist on strong and enforceable standards for labor, human rights, and the environment in any future trade agreements. While Biden’s plan proposes to improve the workforce, there are no strategies on how he will grow the workforce and create new opportunities. Especially since his plans also discourages business ownership. He plans on increasing taxes by $4 trillion over 10 years, specifically through nearly doubling the current tax rates for those who earn $400,000+ per year and by greatly increasing capital gains tax to the same rate as income tax. He also has strong intent on banning anonymous shell companies, expanding anti-money-laundering requirements, disclosure of beneficial ownership, and greater oversight of cross-border transactions. Since businesses are being hit hardest, it will be more difficult for them to grow and expand. Thus, no new jobs will be created. This means that the burden will be placed on the government to either create jobs or provide financial assistance to keep families afloat.

It’s evident who has the best interest of the people at hand. President Trump has been trying to rewrite the American economy and help people take control of their income., and to give people the ability to create real wealth without having to worry about being penalised by the government. Biden’s economic plan has set out to discourage people from building wealth and forces people to remain in the minimum wage workforce with limited opportunities. Ultimately, his plan incentivizes poverty and forces people to rely on government assistance. At the end of the day, money is all about freedom. If you limit one’s access to wealth, you limit their freedom. So think about it, would you rather be set up to thrive and be free to enjoy the fruits of your labor or sit around waiting for the government to give you a handout that barely allows you to survive. Thrive or survive, the choice is yours.


Capitalism: Misunderstood


Capitalism is often a misunderstood economic concept. People are so stuck on that old timey capitalism that they aren’t willing to see just how capitalism has evolved over time and can bring solutions to a lot of America’s problems. I hear all of these crazy misconceptions thrown around about capitalism all of the time. So I’ve taken the opportunity to debunk some of these popular capitalism misconceptions.

There is only one form of capitalism: There are multiple types of capitalism, the two main types being crony capitalism and conscious capitalism. Crony capitalism is what has left many people scarred. These are power hungry nuts, that don’t care about anyone but themselves. The goal for them is not to build wealth, it’s to gain power and control. On the other hand, conscious capitalism is not about a power trip. It’s about building wealth, creating freedom and empowering others to do the same. Many people fail to realize that conscious capitalism exists, this is why it has become my mission to change that. I want people to know that capitalism doesn’t have to be negative for society and it is actually the way to solve a lot of problems that we have in the US.

Capitalism will only serve to make the rich richer: Despite popular belief, capitalism is not only a rich man’s game. In fact, capitalism is the only economic setup that will allow people of ANY status to create their own wealth. As long as you’re willing to get out and compete, you can create your own opportunities. Not to mention, capitalism naturally creates job opportunities and keeps our economy revitalized. It becomes a pattern: entrepreneurs go out and create new opportunities, they hire others to help their business thrive who then in turn are inspired to create their own opportunities and hire people to help their business and so on and so forth. You have wealth being rapidly generated and more employment opportunities than ever before. Everyone that’s willing to get out there and put in the effort will ultimately make money.

Capitalism is an old way of thinking: Couldn’t be further from the truth. The beauty in capitalism is that it is a constantly evolving practice. It allows people the freedom to get creative and find new solutions to both old and new issues that our country faces. It is a way for the people to make an impact on the world rather than sitting back and letting the government control everything. It allows for collaborative efforts to find real solutions. Naturally, there is a trial and error process, but this is what allows for effective problem solving. At the end of the day, if you’re one track minded and stuck in your ways, capitalism will be difficult for you. Because it is forever evolving, it requires a certain level of adaptation and ingenuity.

Capitalists are greedy pigs: There is no doubt that some capitalists are very greedy and selfish, but that’s a personal issue and has nothing to do with capitalism itself. In fact, real conscious capitalists strive to spread wealth and empower others to be able to build financial freedom. I think a major issue is that people have become too entitled and expect things to be handed to them. Since capitalism doesn’t offer any handouts, people assume it’s because capitalists want the wealth all to themselves. However, this is not the case at all. At the end of the day, you have to work if you want to get the reward. Why? Because the more people give to you, the more they expect back and ultimately you lose your freedom.

So, yes, it’s true. Capitalism isn’t just about grumpy, old men looking to rule the world. Capitalism is about wealth creation, empowering others and most importantly freedom! Capitalism provides opportunity for any and everybody to build wealth and live the lifestyles that they want. So it’s time to stop looking to the government for a handout and go create your own opportunities because this is your way to achieving real freedom for you, for your family and for all.

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