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March 16 - 19th - Global Financial Summit - The Atlantis Resort
All-Star Cast of Investing Experts at the Global Financial Summit 2016
The Global Financial Summit is an exclusive investment conference that brings together an all-star cast of financial gurus, economic forecasters and geo-political analysts. They will offer an experienced perspective on wealth-building, offshore investing opportunities, financial privacy, investment strategies, the best investments to beat the market, and techniques to avoid treacherous bear markets. Featuring some of the biggest names and most insightful advisers in the investment world, the Global Financial Summit offers personalized and exclusive recommendations and opportunities for the most discerning investors who value market principles as a basis for their investing decisions.

Conference Speakers
  1. Description Title
    Stephen Moore
    Keynote Speaker Chief Economist Heritage Foundation
  2. Description Title
    Grover Norquist
    Keynote Speaker President Americans for Tax Reform
  3. Description Title
    Ziad Abdelnour
    Conference Co-Sponsor CEO, Blackhawk Partners Chairman, FPC
  4. Description Title
    Knut Andersen
    President & CEO Swissmetal Inc.
  5. Description Title
    Bud Belcher
    Senior Vice President Southern Energy Group
  6. Description Title
    Josh Bennett
    Attorney Josh N. Bennett, Esq., P.A.
  7. Title
    Jeff Berwick
    Founder The Dollar Vigilante
  8. Title
    Alexander Green
    Chief Investment Strategist Oxford Club
  9. Title
    Mario Heider
    Senior Relationship Manager Bank Winter & Co.
  10. Title
    Daniel Mitchell
    Senior Fellow Cato Institute
  11. Title
    Lou Petrossi
    Founder Wealth Research Institute
  12. Title
    M.A. Plummer
    Chairman & Owner Texas E&P
  13. Doug Shea
    Doug Shea
    CEO High Gravity Resources
  14. Mark Skousen
    Mark Skousen
    Presidential Fellow Chapman University
  15. Martin Truax
    Martin Truax
    Managing Director Investments of Raymond James & Associates
  16. David Warren
    David Warren
    President & CEO Bridgeford Trust Company
  17. Daniel Zurbreugg
    Daniel Zurbreugg
    Managing Director & Partner Swiss Infinity Global Investments
  1. GFS 2016 - FED Interest Rates
    Ziad K. Abdelnour speaks on panel about FED Interest Rates
  2. GFS 2016 - Economic Policy
    Ziad K. Abdelnour speaks on panel about Economic Policy
  3. GFS 2016 - Speaking about Donald Trump
    Ziad K. Abdelnour speaks on panel about Donald Trump